Professional Teacher Education

Have you thought about becoming a qualified teacher? We offer teacher education in English in Oulu. If you are thinking to become a qualified teacher, apply to our education in 5.-21.1.2021.

Professional teacher education studies are meant for vocational teachers and teacher candidates who plan to work at vocational institutions or at universities of applied sciences. Studies in the Professional Teacher Education Programme consist of 60 ECTS credits and provide you with teacher qualifications in your own professional field.

At the School of Professional Teacher Education we offer flexible individualized study paths. Combining study and work is well feasible with our blended forms of learning. You can spread your studies over a period of three years or you can graduate even in a year. It’s up to you! Our combination of summer, autumn and spring semesters facilitates year-round studying.

Professional teacher education provides you with modern qualifications to implement teaching in a contemporary competence-based education system. During your studies you will demonstrate and share your competencies, supplement your prior learning and study completely new areas of pedagogical interest according to your Personal Study Plan (HOPS).

Professional Teacher Education Program 

Teacher education programme is meant for teachers and teacher applicants who plan to work at universities of applied sciences or at vocational institutions/colleges. The programme combines various learning environments and multiform methods: contact teaching in Oulu, group work, e-learning, teaching practice in an educational institution, self-study and digital learning solutions. 

  • Language of instruction: English
  • Number of credits: 60 ECTS credits
  • Qualification: Finnish pedagogical teaching qualification
  • Application deadline: 23.1.2020
  • Note: Please notice that this on-line programme might not make you eligible for a study-based residence permit in Finland for non-EU/EEA citizens. You may not be granted a visa based on these studies. Teacher education process is pre planned for a period of one year, but the students have up to 3 years to complete the 60 credit teacher programme

Forms of study

  • The students are selected from those who have applied specifically to this group. The applicant’s field of study does not affect the selection. 15 students are selected based on their admission points.
  • The studies are entirely in English. The students must possess good oral and written English language skills (e.g. IELTS 6, B2 according European Framework of Languages). The applicant may be asked to provide an English language certificate and/or the applicant may be interviewed to evaluate his/her English language skills.
  • There will be 19 contact days altogether (4 classroom days, the rest active online sessions on afternoons)
  • The beginning of the studies takes place in a face-to-face, two day meeting for the whole group in Oulu, typically between 9 am and 4 pm. Your presence is required for the whole two days in Oulu.
  • The students plan their teaching sessions independently in groups during the time between the online session days. Participation requires active participation in the preparation of the teaching in groups. During the active online sessions, the students teach each other the various competence goals of the curriculum.
  • Studying in the English taught group requires skills in use of information and communication tools and active participation in different digital learning environments.
  • The student must have USB head-set with a microphone, web camera and a reliable, high capacity internet connection. The student should also have the administrator rights to their own computer in order to install necessary software or plug-ins.

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