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Get a higher education degree in Finland! Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) educates valued professionals for the working life in Finland and internationally. Studying in one of the world’s best education systems makes you a competent and innovative professional. Get a jump-start to your career! At Oamk, you can study practically oriented Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English. It’s easy to feel at home in Oulu, where teachers and tutors support you, and the student community is active. Be bold and make a decision to study in Oulu! 

Apply now for Autumn 2023: Joint application 4–18 January! How to apply. 


Watch webinar in English, Bachelor´s and Master´s degrees

We  organized a webinar in English where we talked about our Bachelor´s and Master's degree programmes and how you can apply to them.  The webinar was hold on 10 January 2022 at 12.00–13.15 pm Finnish time.  



  • Information Technology
  • International Business


  • Data Analytics and Project Management
  • Printed Intelligence
  • Education Entrepreneurship
  • Clinical Optometry

Watch the webinar


Watch webinar in Russan and in English, Bachelor´s degrees
По данной ссылке вы можете посмотреть запись вебинара об Университете прикладных наук Оулу

Would you like to hear what it is like to study for a university degree in Finland? We organized a webinar where we talked about engineering and business studies in English and in Russian. The webinar was heold on 21 December 2021 at 10.30–11.30 am Finnish time. 

Watch the webinar

Watch webinar in Vietnamese and in English, Bachelor´s degrees
Hãy nghe học sinh nói về trải nghiệm của họ tại trường OAMK của chúng tôi

Would you like to hear what it is like to study for a university degree in Finland? We organized a webinar where we talked about engineering and business studies in English and in Vietnamese.  The webinar was hold on 16 December 2021 at 8.30 am Finnish time (Vietnamese time 1:30 pm.). 

Hãy nghe học sinh nói về trải nghiệm của họ tại trường OAMK của chúng tôi

Watch the webinar


Bachelor´s degrees 

Oamk is one of Finland’s most attractive universities of applied sciences. You can start your studies on August 2022 in our new Linnanmaa campus or in our Kontinkangas campus. The Oulu Campus Linnanmaa is the biggest campus in Europe operating under one roof. If the COVID-19 pandemic causes delays, we offer the possibility to start your studies online.



The most amazing in Finnish education is that teachers like to see their students innovate. During each lesson you are developing yourself by attempting to create something interesting. And teachers are always ready to help students at any moment.

Liubov Dosovitckaia, International Business student

Study your Master's degree online 

Master's degrees at Finnish universities of applied sciences are highly valued higher education degrees that give excellent possibilities for graduates to enhance their professional expertise and skills for management positions. Our Master’s degrees have been designed with the professional development of the students in mind. The degree programmes take 1­–1,5 years to complete and offer the latest knowledge and techniques there are available in each field. Studies are mostly carried out online. Master’s degree programmes are on EQF level 7.




Welcome to Oulu

Oulu is the fastest growing city region in Arctic Europe with 250,000 inhabitants. We are also among Europe’s youngest, as our average age is just 38 years. Every third has an academic degree and we’ve been found to be the happiest in the North, when it comes to quality of life. On a daily basis, 2.6 billion people use mobile technologies developed in Oulu. Today, we are at the forefront in 5G network development – and fast going towards 6G.

In Oulu we have an urban city and the wilderness is also nearby. The modern seaside city culture is combined with a lively countryside and beautiful nature. We have ocean, river views and city lakes. You’re practically in nature right out of the gate from your home. The seasons changing makes the scenery even more varied: a summer sailing trip changes in the winter to an ice road. By autumn, you can gather the fresh and pure gifts of nature, and spring time is heralded by the tens of thousands of migratory birds over Liminganlahti bay. Even Finland’s Southernmost fell with skiing and travel centres are situated only a 90-minute drive from Oulu.

Oulu is the European Capital of Culture in 2026. Our Cultural Climate Change is built around three themes of Wild City, Cool Contrasts and Brave Hinterland. Together we will make Oulu, Northern Finland and Europe a better place to live, to enjoy and to love!


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