IP00CH48  |  Degree Programme in Printed Intelligence

Printed Electronics

Objectives:After studying the course, the student knows most of the materials and methods used in printed electronics and understands the principles of the printing processes. The student is able to apply material and manufacturing know-how in the design of printed electronic components and applications.
Teaching form:Virtual studies
Based on a self-study material
Teaching language:English
Number of Credits:5 cr
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Date(s):30.08.2021 - 27.05.2022
Exact time:Brief on-line introductions to technology, individual self-learning based on given material, several small individual learning activities in Moodle learning management system. Individual study on the selected topic.
Level:Master Programme
Degree programme:Degree Programme in Printed Intelligence
Enrolment:29.07.2021 - 01.04.2022
Number of participants:5
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Basics of printed electronics, materials for printed electronics, principles of printing processes, designing of simple components and structures.


To be announced at the beginning of the course

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