Global Road Trip: Mobile devices to mobilize learners and learning

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Global Road Trip

Innovative pedagogical practices and inspiring examples from the world of teaching and learning in higher education. Online seminar series that take you to a journey around the world. 
Welcome aboard!

9.4. Italy
Mobile devices to mobilize learners and learning and creating 
educational paths with mobile devices
At 10:00-11:00 am

Davide Parmigiani shows us innovative examples of how to use mobile devices in teaching. Welcome to learn and talk about hybrid learning environments and innovative spaces for teaching, learning and developing competences.

Davide Parmigiani PhD
Associate Professor of Education, 
Department of Education, 
University of Genova, Italy
Vice-president Association for Teacher Education in Europe, 
International Centre of Excellence for Innovative Learning, Utrecht 
World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education board member

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