Experience the Finnish Summer Magic

Oulu UAS App Farm is a three week intensive Application Jam. It will be held in Oulu Game Campus from 7th of August to 25th of August 2017. Scope of the studies is 5 credits (ECTS) and the tuition fee is 300 euros.

Can I join?

Yes, if you 

# are a Bachelor / Master level undergraduate student or

# apply for a Open University student

What are we creating?

# Application concepts and prototypes

# Real projects with real companies

Why bother?

# Small multiprofessional teams = good vibes

# International atmosphere

# Challenging cases to solve

# Startup company minded environment

# Fabulous coaches

# Events with game and ICT companies

# Oulu has urgent need for ICT professionals = future jobs ahead?

Apply by May 31st!

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Oamk Student? Apply via Asio.