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01.08.2022 - 31.07.2024



The Centre for Arts Innovation is being established for arts and cultural organizations to be able to undertake long-term, innovative, cross-sectoral testing of new technologies in order to transform practice and advance new forms of digital audience engagement. The center brings together the professionals from the field of performing arts and the field of technology so that new ways of creating, experiencing and researching performing arts could be discovered.

The local aim of this project is that the CAI will act as a hub and facilitator for collaboration among Oulu region stakeholders involved in art and technology activities. Globally, the CAI will build national and international collaborations with the aim to make Oulu and Finland a leader for practice, education, and research regarding live performance with emerging technologies.

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The key activities of the Centre for Arts Innovation are:
1. To host and support experimental activities at the interface of live performance
and emerging technology (digital performance) in cooperation with stakeholders in
Oulu area and internationally.
2. To offer training and competence development in the practice of digital
3. To conduct and support research on the production and participation in digital
4. To engage in network building for digital performance in Finland, in Europe, and

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