BadgeTour VET Micro-credentialing in the tourism sector

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01.12.2021 - 31.12.2023

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On recent years, under several Europe 2020 initiatives and particularly in light of persistent high unemployment, the European Commission has underlined the importance of enabling learners and workers to clearly present their skills and qualification profiles, acquired either in different settings. Microcredentialing practices are spreading in the EU at higher education level and the importance of their integration in VET is underlined.

BadgeTour will produce a comprehensive set of tools and resources to provide VET trainers and managers in the tourism sector throughout Europe with opportunities to validate competence-based learning through microcredentials. To reach this goal BadgeTour aims to create a continuous professional development training course for VET managers and trainers on how to create and use microcredentials in VET learning. OAMK will be the leader of R1 - BadgeTour microcredentialing guidelines which focuses on implementing microcredenitials in VET organisations.

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