CoRoSect (robotics in insect farms)

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01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023

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CoRoSect will bring new insight to automated insect farming by introducing a novel integrated robotic solution able to support all phases of the insects’ lifecycle inside a farm. The fundamental aim of the system (and its great innovation potential) will be to replace tasks, e.g. transferring containers, monitoring of environmental conditions, larvae separation/detection, which require increased manual effort or continuous human supervision, with correspondingly automatic robotic-based procedures. The overall goal is to create a collaboration environment, where humans and robots will harmoniously share and undertake at the same time different processing and manipulation tasks, targeting the application case of insect farming.


The ultimate goal of CoRoSect is to build a sophisticated open human-robot working environment that will enhance the entire production pipeline in modern insect farms. The fundamental principle behind the design of the envisaged system is the replacement of multiple currently manual, expensive, hazardous and time-consuming tasks of handling the insects at various stages of their lifecycle with correspondingly automatic robotic-based procedures, fused within a human-robot collaboration context, which is expected to boost the productivity and quality of work in the farm.

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(seuraavassa vain OAMK:n osuuteen liittyvä kohta): Printed electronics capabilities can be used for developing a measurement and analyzing system over the whole insect’s life cycle from growing and harvesting to logistics. The printed sensors can also be used to support the usage of robots for growing insects in an optimal way. There are also maintenance related parameters such as the temperature of the robot, moisture of the ambient air and movement/vibration of the robot arm that could be measured to ensure the best performance of the system. IDTechEx predicts that the market for fully printed sensors will reach $7.6 billion by 2027.


(seuraavassa vain OAMK:n osuuteen liittyvä kohta): Within CoRoSect, printed sensors techniques will be developed for efficiently monitoring the critical variables needed to ensure the successful insect rearing and the automation of the rearing process. Sensor system functionality can also be widened to guarantee the aspects of identification and traceability.
To achieve the best possible results in the efficient and automated rearing process the sensor system is carefully planned and designed according to the specific biological, technical and economic requirements. System is tested thoroughly in the insect farm conditions and any aspects needing improvement will be carefully examined.

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