ACuTe Culture Testbeds for Performing Arts and New Technology

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01.07.2022 - 30.06.2026

ACuTe is a trend setting, large-scale European innovation project aiming to revolutionize the way theatre and performing arts are produced and performed with emerging technology and new forms of cultural collaboration and competence development.
ACuTe will be delivered via a partnership of 10 theatres and creative centres in Europe (supported by an additional three research partners and one European theatre network organization) from 10 different countries to achieve new approaches and models for testing of new technology leading to audience development, co-creation, and capacity development within performing arts institutions.


With an interdisciplinary approach integrating digital technology and co-creation methodologies, a new type of ‘culture testbed’ will be created. Specifically, these testbeds will lead to the testing and tangible prototyping of new technologies within performing arts productions. Specifically, a series of nine (9) experimental theatre productions will be designed, produced and performed as the core of the testbed outputs. Activities will also include European level events and content, training seminars and online and face-to-face activities offered with the partnering institutions focusing on developing professional capacity in the deep integration of technology in the long-term production process. Culture testbeds will also enable meaningful communication with and engagement of audiences across Europe and within the European theatre sector.

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Activities specifically aim to encourage audience development amongst under-represented audience groups. Outreach and accessibility will be the key elements of this approach. To succeed with the overall ambitions, the project also focuses on change management and emphasizes the inclusion of cultural mediation, staff training and knowledge exchange via workshops. A set of internal training activities and testing collaborations will increase the capabilities for digital technology usage within a cultural, performing arts context. Project evaluations and (digital) audience development strategies will be shared at Conferences, in Research Blogs, within European theatre networks and help to further contribute to the future viability of audience development in the cultural sector post-COVID-19 among performing arts institutions, policy makers at the EU level.


The project will offer a new level of integration by building upon short-term training projects previously funded by the EU in emerging technologies among performing arts institutions to create a more robust, long-term methodology for integrating technologies in public performances at existing institutions. With a wide range of diverse activities until 2025, the project addresses diverse needs of segments within existing performance production teams at each participating institution and exposes European creative professionals and audiences to new live cultural experiences through various emerging technologies.

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