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01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025

Location Innovation Hub (LIH) is targeting to release the great potential of location data, services and technology by creating a world leading competence centre providing the adaptation layer in the value chain of sector specific solutions with location. Key target sectors include built environment, bioeconomy, transport and health. Location intelligence is crucial for taking the next step utilizing AI, HPC and cyber security. Precise positioning and interoperability are key components in reaching the location intelligence. We will support SMEs and public sector in creating location-enabled data ecosystems in these domains. Demonstrating the benefits of location intelligence through reference implementations will enable SMEs to create new innovations moving towards circular, API and data economy. LIH will provide different testing environments for business development, skills and training, access to funding sources and to European and International markets through our networks.


Our main objective is to create location intelligence applied with artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cybersecurity and advanced digital skills. Location intelligence can be applied in Agri-food, Forestry, Manufacturing, Construction, Public administration, Cultural heritage, Health and wellbeing, Mobility and logistics, Private service sector, Circular economy. Ultimately all of these are related to data economy. We will especially focus on built environment, bioeconomy (Forestry and Agriculture), transportation and health & wellbeing and how location technology and services can be utilized in these sectors. Interoperability of location with other data, precise positioning and creation of next generation navigation space are our focus areas in location technology.

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Actions are divided into the work packages:
WP 1: Management and Coordination
WP 2: Location Business Innovation
WP 3: Testing Infrastructure
WP 4: Location Intelligence Support
WP 5: DTF Finland and Europe Testing
WP 6: Communication and Learning


- Progress report
- Location Innovation programme targeted to increase use of location data and services in public sector
- Location Intelligence Network
- HPC, AI and cybersecurity environments
- Open Source and commercial GIS platforms (Oskari, ESRI ArcGIS platform
- Visualisation environments
- Physical test environments
- Knowledge map on Location technology offered
- Novel sensor datasets
- General reference implementation for location data
- Reference implementations on selected data spaces
- Dissemination and exploitation plan
- E-learning modules

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