ArcticFoodWhey (AFW): NPA preparatory project

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23.11.2022 - 30.11.2023

1. The Agriculture and Food developmental Authority, Teagasc; ireland
2. University College Dublin, Ireland
3. Irish Rural Link Cooperative Society


For many cheese factories a whey is by-product which needs further handling and processing. Share of whey
has been worthless waste by ending up to a drain and further to a wastewater treatment plant, share of it
has been used as a provender for calves. However, bulk of whey has not been used as a profitable way – for
example protein and fat of whey provide many value-added opportunities for further production. Project’s
aim is to decrease wastage in food industry and develop new and innovative whey-based products. In
addition, along with cheese factories, this development process provides many opportunities for other food
production industries as well: for example, oat dietary fibre, berries, and herbs are applicable for product
development of whey. Project’s aim is also to advance the development of value chain and new market in
northern regions but also finding new international market.
At the moment whey is mostly classified as special waste. Project’s aim is to improve resource efficiency,
end-of-waste, and a better use of by-products by decrease wastage, development of new products and
marketsfor whey. Project provides solutions for productization and marketing of whey. Project also advances
cooperation across wide range of different food producers in northern regions. Projects main objectives are
to find and support innovative ideas of further production of whey, to find and disseminate knowledge of
best practices, and to strengthen and integrate cross-sectoral network and value chains.
New whey products will be innovated and produced through co-development with cheese factories in
programme area. Project also provides opportunity to participate to international food fairs and/orfield trips.

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