EmpowerED - thriving Edtech ecosystem for better learning

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01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025

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Coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN), a network of 33 education ministries, EmpowerED brings together 11 partners and an expanding group of Associated Partners, to support closer collaboration in the digital education sector in Europe between all levels and sectors, K12, H.E. and VET. It will leverage existing but still loosely coordinated EdTech ecosystem groups in order to establish and animate a new European EdTech Community for exchange, dialogue and collaboration that involves diverse ecosystem actors from at least 15 countries. The project will not only help to consolidate and amplify the work of current EdTech organisations supporting start-ups and SMEs (including incubators, accelerators, testbeds, investors, Digital Education Hubs etc.) and enable them to engage more directly with policymakers in education and other ministries, but will also provide new databases, training modules, events and open source guidelines to support, strengthen and grow this community.

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The project includes following WP's:
1) Project management and quality insurance
2) Mapping policies, initiatives, best practices and comparative analysis of Edtech ecosystem(s) in Europe
3) Promoting exchange and dialogue within the EdTech ecosystem
4) Developing guidelines and tools for the Edtech ecosystem
5) Capacity building activities
6) Outreach, sustainability and governance of the network

Oamk's main focus is within the quality insurance of the project (WP1), mapping and research of the policies (WP2) and capacity building activities (WP5).


Results will include annual mapping of the EdTech landscape in Europe that identifies good practices; and continuous updating of a Knowledge Base that reflects the current state of play in the EdTech sector and which will be used to inform development of networking and exchange activities and the project’s deliverables. By increasing the sector knowledge and critical thinking on appraising and understanding trends linked to new schooling models and innovative education solutions, EmpowerED will also produce a roadmap towards a European EdTech ecosystem promoting excellence in educational innovation. This important report will both inform the evolution of the Digital Europe Programme and provide policymakers with a clearer understanding of how they can better support and work with start-ups and SMEs in the fast-expanding EdTech ecosystem. Finally, project partners will propose a variety of economic models via which the EmpowerED community services and tools can be sustained long-term.

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