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01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024



In light of the challenges and opportunities arising from the digital transformation of the
economy and persisting inequalities and barriers constraining women´s meaningful digital
empowerment and participation, FUTURE WOMEN project aims to join efforts for increasing
awareness of female students on these challenges and opportunities and support them to
pursuit careers linked to digital economy jobs and self-employment.

To achieve this, we will also equip career counsellors to be more prepared to guide female
students through the digital labour market trends.

FUTURE WOMEN envisages to decrease the gender gap and level the playing field for
women in the digital economy jobs and we believe that by making the project's results digital,
open and free available to all, their potential to be deployed is massive, not only in partners'
countries but also across Europe and generate longer term benefits for other women, career
counsellors and educational providers.

Hankkeen toteutus

Participating countries identified a common need of better empower female learners in shape digital economy and at the same time boost the development of their digital fluency, entrepreneurial and transversal competences. In this frame, the partnership will:

- benchmark careers trends in the digital economy and identify women in digital careers’ role
- develop and test a learning-outcomes MOOC for female students take advantage of digital
economy to build their careers
- develop and test a blended CPD programme for equipping career counsellors to better support
female students in pursuing careers in the digital economy
- develop a digital learning lab and online forum, for both female learners and career
counsellors to boost new opportunities for women in the digital economy

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