Haptics Innovation for Performing Arts (HIPeA)

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01.09.2023 - 30.11.2024



The HIPeA project is a research and development project lead by the Centre for Arts Innovation and includes contributions from the Oamk PrinLab and the Game Lab.

The project focuses on the development, testing and evaluation of a system prototype for using haptic garments in relation to training and performance environments in the performing arts sector. Specifically, the objective of this 15-month project will be to focus on XR experience design for prototypes developed both by EMIL Lighthouse (Smart Garments) at Aalto University and the HIPeA project based on performing arts user tests in training (dance teacher education) and performance settings (theatre and opera). The project is expected to support ongoing efforts in more clearly articulating user experience scenarios for smart garments in the performing arts sector.

The funding source is the European Media and Immersion Lab https://emil-xr.aalto.fi/ with deadline of January 31, 2023.Funding is for 100% and is only available to individual institutions (no consortia).

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Activities will include user testing with the Oamk dance teacher education and the Oulu teatteri. Prototypes will be those already created by Aalto University as well as developing a new prototype with support from the contract researcher, Malou Beemer from the Netherlands. Outcomes will be presented at the Joint International Conference Clothing-Body Interaction in March 2024. Game Lab students are expected to support user testing activities, while PrinLab will focus on the development of printed textile development work.

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