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01.01.2021 - 31.12.2022

Smart Campus network is composed of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences focusing on ICT technology education, research and innovation. The network has been newly initiated by the Allied ICT Finland (AIF) community, which is the largest research to business ICT network in the Nordics. The AIF is a collaboration network of Finnish ICT research institutes and their cities, ecosystems and more than 1200 companies leaning strongly on infrastructures of research institutes. The strategic targets of the Smart Campus network are to improve competitiveness of higher education (HE), municipalities and companies, to advance their profiling and digitalization, and to increase attractiveness of their respective ecosystems. In this project, these targets are pushed forward with the creation of the multidisciplinary Smart Campus RDI-network to share and expand most promising sustainable research-based ideas for piloting and upscaling with existing and new stakeholders, especially SMEs, to become smart services and solutions in specific application areas, including e.g. health, logistics, traffic, education and climate sectors.


National Smart Campus RDI Network is an innovation engine proposed by Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, which aims to give companies an easy access to RDI services offered by various campuses through a joint process, novel platform architecture and shared core services. The RDI network, together with 6G Flagship program, will share trailblazing research visions, world-leading technology and education competences with companies while responding to their RDI and capacity building needs thus shorting the path from research to business and boosting human-centered digitalization. The project will carry out a technical study of Smart Campus platform focusing on the RDI of a distributed secure open-source platform and it will define the essential aspects of the Smart Campus services to be developed and utilized in a timely and ethically sustainable manner. Project partners will pilot initial solutions in vertical industries together with company collaborators.

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The coordinator and WP leaders organize the planning and realization of work packages and horizontal RDI actions which include pilots, expert support, university courses, hackathons, innovation workshops and boost events as project outputs. All WPs and horizontal RDI actions include strong elements for consolidating and expanding collaboration especially with Finnish-based companies. Collaboration with internal university partners and stakeholders takes place both face-to-face, in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, and in virtual platforms and shared online workspaces. The consortium nominates a steering group, which monitors progress and ensures maximal transparency and quality of operations at all levels while also mitigating risks. The work packages are introduced below followed by the horizontal RDI actions.


The aim of this project is to develop the idea of Smart Campus as a unique national platform for boosting human-centered digitalisation and for trialing initial solutions for future-oriented campus experience together with collaborators. The project outcomes will define the essential aspects of the Smart Campus concept, services and processes that will help higher education students, staff and working life RDI-partners to utilize and develop the services of the campus in a timely and ethically sustainable manner, both on the campus and virtually. Key outcomes will also include results of initial trials of the most promising novel solutions discovered and evaluated systematically in the course of the project. The project network consists of research organizations with different research and development expertise, whose multidisciplinary perspectives offer to promote and inform the roadmap towards the national Smart Campus initiative.

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