HubLinked - Strengthening Europe's Software Innovation Capacity

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01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019



HubLinked has six deliverables:
(i) Practical guidelines for effective U-I linkages

(ii) the CSI4 curriculum framework for industry-oriented, internationalised, innovation-focused and interdisciplinary computer science degrees

(iii) four Global Labs modules whereby students turn real-world problems from any sector into ‘experience-appropriate' prototypes

(iv) A portal of study and placement opportunities for students in major international software hubs

(v) An online professional development for academic and industry staff

(vi) The HubLinked Association with a partner from each EU country.

Hankkeen toteutus

The goal of HubLinked is to strengthen Europe's software innovation capacity by learning from regions of proven
ICT strength and sharing that knowledge will all regions.

HubLinked will improve the effectiveness University-Industry (U-I) linkages between computer science faculty and all companies develop global software innovators that can work in any sector increase the participation of females in the ICT sector and upskill academic and industry staff to engage in U-I linkages for software innovation.

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