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01.10.2018 - 31.03.2022

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The aim is to familiarize the girls with technological fields,
grow confidence in their know-how and keep that in education's transitional periods. Other target groups aim to
influence the attitudes behind the phenomenon and add capabilities to guide, teach and encourage girls to get to know technological fields.

The project's measures are to organize training and create education material for different target groups, technology
working experience piloting, technology workstations - some of which in international co-operation - and
entrepreneurship training for girls in co-operation with companies and also do influencer work and spread good
practices and knowledge, including internationally. Furthermore in the international co-operation joined training and
workstations for school faculties and counsellors will be formed and education and other materials to which also the
teachers and counsellors will be included in will be produced.

The project's concrete results are operation guides, methods and materials for a gender including and non-traditional fields to supporting teaching, counselling and learning. This includes for example the piloted consept on technology working experience between companies and schools, a model for organizing technology workstations in co-operation with schools, universities and other actors and also the supplement training material and contents for school faculties and counsellors.

The project's measures' influence long term is that women's know-how is widely being utilized in the designing and
enforcement of technological innovations in Finland. Companies in technology fields will have enough capable work
force, therefore the quality and quantity of technological innovations will raise. This has a significant positive effect on the country's economy and competitiveness.

Hankkeen toteutus

The project will be executed by Oulu University of Applied Sciences and KoulutusAvain Ltd. The project's international
partner is Technisch Heilig-Hartinstituut from Belgium (if needed, one more member will be elected to the international
consortium). The name of the transnational collaboration project is 'GirlPower - Girls and Technology 2018-2021'.
The project's co-operation network has multiple piloting schools from the first and second degrees in Oulu (Oulu
Vocational College) and Kainuu. The project's measure's co-operation networks also include for example Technology
Industries of Finland, The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Oulu University's STEM center, Kainuun Etu, technology
field companies such as Microsoft, Elektrobit and Ludocraft. The project's co-operation network will expand once the
project launches.

You can! Girls and Technology -project seeks significant growth in Finnish and European competitiveness and the
effective use of know-how. The projects' essential target group are girls (primary school's 9th graders and second
degree students), school faculties and counsellors and employers and companies. Indirect target groups are
influencers and decision makers, parents and the media.

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