SMARTrenew - Smarter renewable energy and heating Management for Arctic and northern Rural Territories

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Rakentamis-, yhdyskunta- ja talotekniikka, energia- ja ympäristötekniikka

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01.10.2018 - 31.03.2022

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OUAS role in the project is to participate in energy technology studies by planning and proposing solutions (energy mix, storage, automation) to project case studies and to analyze the implemented pilot cases, their performance and socio-economic suitability.


The aim of SMARTrenew is to transfer renewable energy and smart storage solutions to dispersed regions of the NPA. Transnational knowledge transfer will be demand led, supported by the quadruple helix approach (academia, business, public authority, citizens), and impact will be maximised by focusing on implementation and smart energy awareness building in communities.

Common territorial challenges to be addressed by SMARTrenew include the high cost of fossil fuel dominated energy and heat supplies, remoteness, low population density, cold climate and low uptake in smart renewable technology resulting in energy poverty and lack of energy security combined with poor grid infrastructure in remote areas.

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SMART serves 6 NPA regions - with varying levels of renewable maturity - including Arctic, Northern, Atlantic, and Islands. The partnership comprises 7 organisations including academic, research, local authority, SME, and national energy organisations, all with complementary skills and experience in delivering renewable solutions.

To address the challenges the project will deliver transnational knowledge and expertise from the partner regions into each of these communities, to increase awareness, and implement solutions with an innovative renewable mix combined with smart energy storage.


The main results will be:
(i) greater awareness in communities and local authorities:
(ii) renewable energy implementations that will show that local energy poverty can be decreased, and energy security increased.

The project outputs will be: 6 showcase' Smarter Energy Rural Communities', 11 houses and public buildings retrofitted with smart renewable energy/storage solutions, 4 smart storage services and 5 renewable services.

Key to the project sustainability and growth beyond the project duration will be promotion of stakeholder ownership in innovations, including enhancing local and national policy-makers capacity to effect change.

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