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01.09.2018 - 31.08.2021

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Along with the development of a network website, transnational project meetings will take place five times during the 36 months project duration, coinciding in some cases with ISP or ME. These meetings will be complemented with the necessary frequent virtual conferences, in order to review, monitor and evaluate the project performance among project staff and associated partners.

- 1st TM will be celebrated in Madrid, Spain, hosted by IE University in M2 of the project implementation. (1st October 2018).
The partners will meet to present an overview of the project activities and each one responsibilities in the initial phase of the project. Partnership agreements will be signed with annexed communication and dissemination plans, evaluation strategy and timetable of activities to ensure the smooth project implementation at international level. 2 staff members on behalf of each partner organisation will take part (coordinator and financial manager). Team building activity will be celebrated. The TM will coincide with the first ISP, celebrated in Spain.

- 2nd TM in London, UK, hosted by UCL in M9 of the project implementation (June 2019).
The partners will meet to analyse the 1st evaluation report on the project implementation, to review the planning of the next project phase, discussion of the next planned for M13 in UK, and the development of IO in particular, as the EdTech Platform beta will be ready for launch. It will be officially presented and an important ME will take place (with participation of 4 partners) to communicate the EdTEch Platform adn disseminate the first content modules uploaded: OER, methodologies and information and recomendations on digital products. 2 staff members per partner will take part. Team building activity will be celebrated.

- 3rd TM in Oulu, Finland, hosted by OAMK in M18 of the project implementation (March 2020).
The partners will review the work completed in the 1st year and a half of project, will discuss the upcoming ISP in Finland in M25 and consider any modifications in the development of the IO. Special attention will be paid on analysing 1) the work and method of the Editorial Committe of the EdTech Platform 2) the enlargement of EEN network, as part of the project objectives. 2 staff members per partner will participate. Team building activity will be celebrated. The TM will coincide with a ME, where the 4 partners will participate, to disseminate all new OER, methodologies and informations on digital products and technologies in the EdTech Platform.

- 4th TM in Leuven, Belgium, hosted by KU LEUVEN in M29 of the project implementation (Jan 2021)
The partners will face the last year of project execution, analysing all work done in the 29 months. All implemented activities and their evaluation results will help to the partners to decide on any modifications/improvements required in the planning of the last project phase. Thorough financial check will take place in this meeting, as well as discussion of the next ISP planned for M33 in Belgium. 2 staff members per partner will be participating in the TM4, which will coincide with the ME in Belgium, where the 4 partners wil participate, to disseminate all new OER, methodologies and informations on digital products and technologies in the EdTech Patform. A draft agenda of the Internation summit in Spain (E4) will be discussed.

- 5th TM in Madrid, Spain, hosted by IE University in M 35 of the project implementation (13-14 July 2021).
The last meeting will be celebrated in the framework of the Final project event - International Summit, in order to evaluate the whole project results and analyse future collaborations. The partners will be informed on the requirements for delivery of final report and financial justification of the project activities. 2 staff members per partner will take part, coordinator and financial manager. This meeting will take place the same week as the ME in Spain - an International EEN Summit. The project partners consider this frequency of meetings sufficient, considering the scope and the characteristics of the project.

The main objective of these meetings will be to guarantee an adequate project coordination between the four Universities (and the two Associates whenever required), building on the day-to-day virtual coordination (which will be intense) for successful implementation of the project activities. Common tasks for each TM will be:
1) report on the progress of each partner´s work
2) dicuss the programme of the next ISP with special attention to participation of invited experts
3) distribution of tasks and deadlines until the next TM among the partner organisations
4) review of communication

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This Project aims to create the European EdTech Network (EEN) initally by the partners of the project, 4 European leading universities and their EdTech communities, which are leading innovative methods and pedagogies using technology jointly with startups and industry, in order to transfer them and contribute to improve education systems, particularly in Higher Education. The EEN incorporates from its conception 2 highly relevant Associate organizations, and has as an objective the incorporation of more organizations from EHEA.

The project adressess in a very straight way the horizontal priority of open education and innovative practices in a digital era. EEN seeks to promote the effective use of digital technologies as drivers of improvement in education.
The partners of this project are committed to innovation and are continously working on development of new methodologies and high educational strategies. Their departments and programmes in place for that purpose are very much focused in closing the gap between entrepreneurs and innovators, who often have no educative background, and the real needs of the higher education staff, faculty, researchers and students. However, evidence proves that European universities lack of comprehensive strategies to implement technological innovations into the learning-teaching processes. For that reason, EEN means to create a platform used for intensive dissemination of the educative innovations developed by the partners and, furthermore, to give the chance to the European universities to learn more about the EdTech sector and the pedagogical solutions they propose.

The priorities selected above are fully aligned with the EEN project because:
- Technology-enabled education favours open education by providing education across all sorts of borders (geographical,
disciplinary, generational, institutional, sectoral etc.), accessible for anyone, anytime and anywhere.
- Technology allows all actors (learners, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc.) to become co-creators in higher education,
developing and sharing knowledge, experiences and resources.
- Technology fosters innovative practices in education, provided all stakeholders and partners have (sufficient) digital competences
which could be achieved by networking in a lively a dynamic community of practice.


The expected results of the project will be the hosting of a series of edtech events across Europe (one Intensive Study Program (ISP) per year) as well as the development and maintenance of a website that offers content under the topic of edtech innovation in Europe.

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