FAMARB (Facility Management of Residential Buildings in Barents Region)

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Rakentamis-, yhdyskunta- ja talotekniikka, energia- ja ympäristötekniikka

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01.12.2018 - 31.08.2022

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Project idea
The ideas of the proposed project have been developed by a consortium of relevant institutions, including input from companies in the Nordics and Russia. The project development was driven by an idea of strengthening the interaction between the northern Nordic and northern Russian industry, academic and R&D communities within building technology, with special emphasis on the following issues:

- Models for energy efficient facility management
Assessment of technical condition
Evaluation of the need for renovation
Efficient operation and maintenance
Tools for efficient facility management
- Energy monitoring and management
- Indoor environmental improvement
- Reduced environmental footprint


To reduced environmental impact from the building sector and reinforce opportunities for development of cross border trade of goods and services.
To bring effective operation and management of buildings of the Barents region into action by adapting concepts of energy efficiency and energy saving through upgrading or renovation.
To improving long term energy performance of buildings, hence decrease emissions to the environment, and improving indoor living conditions by ensuring buildings are efficiently managed, operated and maintained during longer time span (facility management).

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The project will subsequently contribute to create opportunities for cross border business and cooperation for enterprises that enhance a viable economy and a good quality of life by increasing the attractiveness of the Arctic region territories of the Nordic countries and Russia and further facilitate joint Kolarctic activities. This is directly corresponding with the Kolarctic CBC Program strategy in promoting economic and social development in regions on both sides of the border by contributing to priority axis 1 Viability of Arctic economy, nature, and environment within the Thematic Objective 1 Business and SMEs development.

FaMaRB project is directed to the Program horizontal and cross-cutting issues, particularly:
1) “Support to education, research, technological development and innovation”
2) “Local cross-border people-to-people cooperation”.


Main outputs:

1. Document the conditions for renovation in different countries in the Barents region, with a focus on external and internal conditions.

2. Develop tools and methods sustainable operation and maintenance, including organization models, contract forms, and tools for facility management, BIM, energy performance contracting and economic analyses.

3. Provide recommendations based on practical case assessment, including management, operation, maintenance and development of construction works, electronic system for document handling/storage, registration, and classification of documents for specific case object(s).

4. Implement results into learning tools, courses and ensure dissemination and visibility of results.

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