Energy Pathfinder (Approaching near zero energy in historical buildings)

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Rakentamis-, yhdyskunta- ja talotekniikka, energia- ja ympäristötekniikka

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01.06.2019 - 30.09.2022

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Energy Pathfinder aims to build and demonstrate an online Toolkit ,to enable the co-culturally appropriate energy retrofit
historic buildings. It will allow building owners to approach Near Zero Energy (NZEB) standard, through the application of
co-deign (involving users and residents) appropriate retrofit measures and renewable energy and improved energy behaviour.
Pathfinder will monitor actual energy use in demonstrator historic buildings, both before and after retrofit, and establish the
benefit of different measures This will include both centralized and decentralized energy management and improved energy
behaviour. Energy Pathfinder will evaluate and the business case for retrofit and energy management in historic biddings,
showing that they can be ergonomically sustainable, economically viable and socially and culturally useful. Energy Pathfinder
brings together Partners from 6 NPA regions, encompassing a comprehensive range wide range of skills, building types, climatic
conditions, and cultural and regulatory environments.
Associates partners will help integrate local authorities, building owners and other key stakeholders into the Project. 6
demonstrator historic building will be used to demonstrate the key elements of the Toolkit, including co-design, insulation,
renewable energy, and energy morning and management. These demonstrators will provide data for the online Toolkit. The
results of the project will be widely promoted and disseminated through a comprehensive communication programme.


The Energy Pathfinder project will address Priority 3 of the NPA Work Programme “Fostering energy secure communities
through provision of renewable energy and energy retrofitting”. Pathfinder! will do this by developing and demonstrating
replicable tools for the NZEB retrofitting of historical buildings, including the implementation of demonstration projects in
representative NPA regions. Energy Pathfinder -project will address the challenge of achieving Near Zero Energy (NZEB) in
historic buildings. Historic buildings, in particualr those located in rural and peripheral areas of the Northern Periphery and
Arctic region.

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The project consists of 5 work packages (WP) or work activities in which there will be deliverables by implementing each WP. The WPs are as follows:

WP 1: Management
WP 2: Co-operative Design Methodology, process and Retrofitting
WP 3: Energy Management and Monitoring
WP 4: Toolkit Construction and Implementation
WP 5: Communication


The main result will be the development and demonstration of a Toolkit for achieving Near Zero Energy Building Standards in historic buildings, in remote and peripheral rural and peri-urban areas

Other results:
Strategies for fabric retrofitting, upgrading of installations and integration of appropriate renewable energy sources, both in and outside the designated sites.

Participation of building users and managers in development of works and strategies to reduce energy consumption

Appropriate energy monitoring

Analysis of energy usage and implementation of appropriate behavioral changes to reduce energy consumption

Environmental improvements such as waste and water reuse and to reduce CO2 footprint of buildings

Promotion of uses of historic buildings as centres for initiatives to increase community
awareness and social cohesion and integration.

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