Nordic youth street dance training and engagement program (nystep)

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01.09.2019 - 31.12.2020



NYSTEP is a dance pedagogic project which aims to utilize dance to promote youth co-creation in cultural productions. The project approaches dance pedagogy from a socio-cultural viewpoint and encourages communal sharing of knowledge in accordance to the pedagogic philosophy adopted by Hip Hop called “Each One Teach One”. Dance forms in NYSTEP will be based on Hip Hop and possibly other closely related street dance forms.

In the light of the current global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been changes made to the implementation of the project. Restrictions to travelling across national borders has made our network of mentors more significant than originally imagined. Neither university student nor mentors will be travelling overseas but each university will have a local camp week that is in tight connection to the other universities through shared online content. Content will be streamed from all three universities and participation will be interactive.

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Concrete actions:

- Mentor planning sessions

o Online planning sessions during spring and autumn of 2020

o Mentors will work to prepare a framework and syllabus for Camp week.

- Camp week

o Mentor-lead Hip Hop workshops for university students at each university lead by their local mentor.

o University students will be in contact with participants in other countries through online sessions and will co-work simultaneously

o School visits and youth-workshops locally in Piteå, Oulu and Trondheim

o Possibility for the arrangement of a Hip Hop jam event and performances for youth that attended workshops if local restrictions and pandemic status permits.

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