NUVE - Nordic Platform for Utility Vechile Development

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01.11.2019 - 30.09.2022

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The aim for this project is to generate a Nordic platform for research, development, testing and innovation of autonomous heavy-duty vehicles as well as for graduate and higher education.

The operations of the project are combined in work packages for creating a VR environment using data from actual working environment, to build a digital twin for the movement technology of the vehicles and creating the interface between Mobilab and the VR system. The project will enable building an interface between the measurements and the VR system. The methodology of the working platform will be validated in maritime logistics pilot at the Narvik Port in Northern Norway.

Hankkeen toteutus

WP1: Dissemination(OUAS, all)
WP2: Management (OUAS, all)
WP3: Creating VR environment using data from actual environment(UOulu, all)
WP4: Creating digital twin for utility vehicle movement(LTU, all)
WP5: Connections and interface between VR system and Mobilab(OUAS,all)
WP6: Interface between utility vehicle control system and the VR system(LTU,all)
WP7: Setting up and validate the platform(NORUT, all)
WP8: Nordic expertise to Europe(UOulu, all)

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