TallWood (Wood Solutions in Tall Hybrid Building-Supporting Wood as Multi-story Building Material)

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Rakentamis-, yhdyskunta- ja talotekniikka, energia- ja ympäristötekniikka

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01.10.2019 - 30.09.2022

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Background: Research shows an excess of annual forest growth than annual harvesting especially in the Finnish and Swedish parts of the Nordic region. Nonetheless, the current employed practices and technologies in the building industry demonstrate that there is more capacity to use wood in multistory/ tall buildings.

Aim/ Goal: In order to use more wooden components as building materials such as structural elements of multistory wooden buildings, this project will develop innovative approaches and solutions that consequently will reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide. The solutions increase utilizing woods in either multistory/tall hybrid buildings or multistory plain wooden buildings.

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TallWood will develop innovative approaches to use wooden elements in multistory/ tall buildings. It will also explore and remove key barriers to the additional use of wood in construction. Furthermore, TallWood will find and develop optimal cost-effective wooden hybrid solutions


TallWood will raise awareness of the region on utilizing wood as one of the main elements of multistory/ tall buildings, either hybrid buildings or plain wooden buildings. The SMEs such as producers and subcontractors of wooden structural components will receive required knowledge of the key barriers as well as modern and innovative approaches for their design and production processes. House factories and contractors will be more aware of the wooden component utilization and will obtain optimal cost-effective wooden hybrid solutions. The project will also promote the views of public and the users about the environmental and the health impacts on their living in multistory wooden/ hybrid buildings. Furthermore, by disseminating of the project aim and activities, TallWood will not only facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between the countries but also increase business opportunities for the SMEs in the program area and other EU region.

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