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01.02.2020 - 31.03.2022

TourSME project is a two-year micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) activating and training initiative in the regions of Russian Karelia, Kainuu, and Oulu region. The
project contributes by activities increasing the capacity of enterprises to start cross-border economic cooperation by improving the capability of tourism industry enterprises enhancing the development of cross-border tourism services in the program areas.


TourSME is a two-year project (1.2.2020 - for cross-border business cooperation among tourism SMEs and related businesses. The main target is to improve tourism SMEs' capability to create border-crossing services for international tourists.

The aim of the project is that a) tourism SME's knowledge of cross-border tourism potential will increase; b) SME's are trained to create attractive cross-border tourism services; c) SME's pilot together in order to create cross-border tourism services for international tourists; and d) tourism potential with SME business possibilities of Oulu region, Kainuu and Russian Karelia reach the broader audience and authorities.

Hankkeen toteutus

By joining to project, companies can a) find new business partners form Finland and Russia; b) find new domestic and international customers
c) get concurrent training on new types of tourism services; d) develop new service ideas and experiment the ideas; e) pitch their service concepts to international travel agencies; and
f) pilot their new services


As a result of the project the tourism SME's capability to create border-crossing service for international tourists is improved.

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