DIG4VET Digital Tools for Learning and Validation in VET and WBL: Training Program for VET Teachers, Trainers and Potential I-Coaches

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01.09.2020 - 31.10.2022

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1) to promote digital skills of VET staff (VET teachers, WBL tutors) in using technologies for making their learning materials attractive and interactive;
2) to promote peer learning through movement of i-coaches (or digi-coaches?) in VET schools
2) to develop an Inspirational Toolbox with examples of VET teacher-designed materials using variety of digital tools
Project steps:
1. Preparation and needs analysis. Awareness of educational technologies, skills, readiness of VET staff, potential participants. lead to O1
2. To design and develop training program for VET teachers, WBL tutors and potential i-Coaches ”Developing Attractive and Interactive Learning Materials” > O2
3. International short-term staff-training event for VET teachers, WBL Tutors, potential i-coaches
4. National peer-learning workshops: i-coaches train their collegues
5. Developing Inspirational Toolbox of examples of VET teachers using different digital tools for their designing materials and learning. > O3
6. Multiplier events in partner countries and EU level: presentation of project results and awards.

Hankkeen toteutus

There will be 2 transnational face-to-face meetings of partnership:
Meeting 1: October 2020, hosted by COOPETAPE, Portugal.
ONLINE Aims: getting to know each other, adoption of detailed workplan, timetable and procedures, discussing tasks of preparation stage and other work packages, partners' roles in each of the steps and outputs. Initiating needs analysis, use of SELFIE by VET schools.
Quality assurance plan.
Skype meeting in January/February 2021: progress with needs analysis, use of SELFIE.
Meeting 2: May 2021, hosted by Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) in Finland.
Aims: finalizing needs analysis, presenting initial version of O1, terms of refernce for the training program. Initial proposals for training program (O2) and required partners'
contributions. (C1)
Skype meeting: September 2021
Skype meeting: January or February 2022
Meeting 3, June 2022 + Dig4VET InternationalConference Riga


Needs Analysis and Review Report "Digital Competences of VET Teachers, Trainers, Mentors" (Intellectual Output 1)

Needs analysis and review report will include survey of use of digital technologies in VET in partner countries, with particular focus on digital competences of VET teachers, trainers, WBL tutors in the field of education technologies.

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