Regional digital stage network (ReDiSN)

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Hankkeen kesto

01.10.2020 - 31.03.2021



To develop technology infrastructure and an experimental methodology for bringing various cultural venues together in the PP region (3) that will allow for joint live performances with the target of greater virtual audience engagement.

In response to the increasing need for developing virtual capabilities for cultural performance venues (stages) during and after COVID-19, this project is expected to support artists and students to develop experimental methods to merge live cultural events with virtually linking multiple geographic sites.

Hankkeen toteutus

1. Installation of common technology hardware (projectors, video and 5G at three stages in Oulu region:
a. Vinttikamari, Oulu Teatteri, Oulu
b. Syke-talo stage, Kiiminki
c. Teatteri Kuoppa, Haukipudas.
2. Hiring of a joint technician to support virtual collaboration between the 3 physical stage spaces.
3. Four (4) multi-day production events designed and offered involving youth led by Oamk music and dance students.

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