NACCOP- Nordic arctic co-creation platform for future business and professionalism within health – and social care

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01.10.2020 - 30.09.2022



Developed a Nordic arctic co-creation cross-border platform to support SMEs in product development within health and social care
in interprofessional collaboration with the needs of the end-users, experience of the service system and excellence of the academia

Interreg Nord 2020-2022, Priority area 2
The main goal of the project is to strengthening SMEs innovativeness in health and wellbeing sector using quadruple helix co-creation, by developing a Nordic arctic co-creation cross-border platform that offers a network of services and innovation environments. ?

The platform brings together stakeholders from all sectors of society and enable quadruple helix innovation processes. Specifically, the project will aim at answering up to the needs, values, dreams and ideas, as expressed by the actors from the quadruple helix model. ?

Hankkeen toteutus

*The platform will be created in collaboration with all partners step by step during the project utilizing the experience and results from the project activities ?

*quadrublehelix collaboration with SME:s and project partners?

*Strenghtening / expanding ekosystem model , testbed activities ?

*New technologies and innovations promoting future health care (data tech etc.)?

*Piloting cross border education ?

*Formative evaluation of the platform; cross-border collaboration; the whole concept; prototypes, digital services, business models etc. ?


The expected results are that we have: Designed and implemented the co-creative platform for ecosystem cooperation.
Strengthened cross-border network and sharing of good practices.
Organized cross-border operations with a co-creative quadruple helix model, with a focus on the development of new services / technology and new business models / concepts for the health and welfare sector. Further developed innovation environments for small and medium-sized companies consisting of several competence levels and technology.
Developed, tested and validated new digital services / technology. Explored regional preparedness in creating new innovations based on health data and identified recommendations for regional data collaborations within the NACCOP platform. Involved students in the project activities throughout the project

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