Empowering Underground Laboratories Network Usage (EUL)

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01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021

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Tämä on BSUIN-hankkeen extension -vaihe, 9 kk.

The regular project achievements are the basis for the extension stage project.It is important to extend capabilities of underground laboratories and enhance innovations, development, business opportunities and research possibilities in underground facilities and network them in the Baltic Sea region and in the European level. By the extension stage, the main outputs and in the core actions of the BSUIN project created data and services would become more accessible and wider known and utilize.

As a result of the extension stage project, the service concepts developed in the regular project will be tested both for the established network of underground laboratories and for the individual laboratories. Testing ensures the functionality of laboratory service concepts and customer relationship management processes for commercial and non-commercial users. The visibility and, above all, accessibility of the network of underground laboratories and the developed online environment will be tested through the created web-based-tool. With the help of web analytics, the reach of the target groups can be determined and the visibility and marketing among the target segments of low reach.

Work Packages:
WP 1: Project management and administration
WP 2: Testing of the network and the web-based-tool/ EUL Innovation platform
WP 3: Customer Relations Management of the ULs
WP 4: Marketing and dissemination

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