Arctic Sun

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01.06.2021 - 31.08.2022

Arctic Sun is a research project led by SINTEF Narvik AS (Norway), funded by the joint Nordic finance company NEFCO’s financing program PECC-2 (The Program for Environment and Climate Co-operation) of. Support rate max 90%.

The aim of the project is to implement a Russia-Finland-Norway-Sweden cooperation network that studies and develops the potential of solar energy in the Arctic region.

The project will share information, increase staff skills, exchange research method experiences, map solar energy production potential and opportunities to replace fossil energy production in cold conditions.

Sun resource assessment at high latitudes have a multitude of challenges and cannot be solved within the scope of this project. However, the low hanging fruits can be harvested and a spin-off project addressing the bigger research challenges will be a likely scenario for the some or all the consortium partners.


The project main objective is to improve knowledge and develop a sustainable cooperation between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia on topics related to solar energy in the high latitude areas. This cooperation aims in the long term to develop strategic infrastructure within solar energy.

Through its activities the project will address the future energy needs of people in the territories of Arctic region with extra focus on North-West of Russia and facilitate higher degree of utilization of the solar energy resource.

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Project activities include workshops and meetings in partner regions, sharing of knowledge and expertise, improving and strengthening the education material on solar energy in the high North region, researching and examining data on solar energy production potential in arctic areas as well as studying the performance of current photovoltaic systems in high North and how to better optimize them.


The expected outcome is the sharing of knowledge and expertise between partners, pushing the overall research further by exploit of low hanging fruits and ultimately a consideration of joint spin-off projects.

Planned project results and outcomes include also an established academic consortium that continues to increase and share knowledge on arctic solar energy and a joint pool of topics for bachelor and master theses related to solar energy in the high North areas.

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