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ENPI Karelia

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences

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01.01.2013 - 28.02.2015

The project aims at launching co-operation on the transfer of accessibility competense and on the applications of accessibility between Finnish and Russian expert organisations and companies in the Republic of Karelia. The planned activities aim at creating the basis for long-term, operational and economic collaboration with the goal of increasing accessibility, comfort and quality in built environments as the population in the target area is strongly ageing.


Analysis and report of the public procurement mechanisms and the actors related to the accessibility in Republic of Karelia (UEF/SPATIA) 2. 'Accessible environment'- education modules (4-5) and produced material for the actors and decicion makers in the Republic of Karelia (NKUAS/ISAK) 3. Experimental tours (3-4) in the targets of applications for accessibility (Handy home in the City of Kajaani, Functional Home in St. Petersburg, exhibition rooms of the Finnish companies) 4. Planning and implementation of 1-2 paractical accessibility pilots in built environments in Republic of Karelia (NKUAS/ISAK, Russian and Finnish companies and expert organizations) 5. Creating the network and basis for the long term co-operation between the Finnish and Russian organizations in the ENPI Karelia- program area both with sharing the existing good practicies in the field of accessibility.



Objectives of the project:

1. Enabling independent living possibilities especially for disabled and elderly

people in program area

2. Increasing expertize of the involved organizations by using the human

resources and good practices in applying and realizing accessibility

facilities in built environments

3. Utilization and strengthening of the existing model environments for

accessibility in Finland and in Russia

4. Influencing to the guidelines and interactive attitudes to implement the

solutions for accessibility in practice

5. Creating the basis for a long-term development network of the

organizations for accessibility across the border

6. Opening the possibilities for business operations in the branch of

wellbeing and accessibility


Specific objective:

Planning and launching the operations model for transferring of accessiblility

competence and existing good practices between the organizations in Karelia ENPI program area.

Hallinnoija: Pkamk, projektipäällikkö Timo Ekroos


Yhteistyökumppanit: Itä-Suomen yliopiston/SPATIA, Kajaanin-, Oulun- sekä Karelia-ammattikorkeaoulut, Karelian Resource Center NGO's, Professional Rehabilitation Center St.Petersburg, Muncipal Budget Institution of Social Services of Petrozavodsk Urban District, The Administration of the Kostomuksha Urban District



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