Strategies for sustainable communal waste-water management in the Baltic Sea Region -valmistelu

Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH)

Interreg - Baltic sea region

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23.10.2014 - 13.12.2015

Within the Seed Money phase a feasibility study will be carried out to asses the cost-efficiency and other practical aspects of the planned hydro-engineering investments. The study will analyse recent trends in nutrients removal/reduction or minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment such as CO2 emissions and waste. Finally the different methods will be evaluated taking into account local, environmental, economic and social conditions.
The main project will utilise the results of the feasibility study conducted in the Seed Money phase, as a starting point for discussions with local communities chosen as pilot areas in all participating countries.
The meetings and other activities with the local stakeholders will be part of the awareness raising campaign, and bottom-up preparation of local wastewater management plans and strategies. Measures such as pilot wastewater plants shall be then implemented in trilateral cooperation between local authorities, community associations and the experts providing ready-to-implement solutions (turn-key engineering). 
Planned project activities, besides the pilot investments, will therefore be awareness raising campaigns, study visits, workshops and trainings for farmers and multiplications - students or entrepreneurs who wish to gain expertise in ecological engineering. 
Partnership shall consist of R&D and academic institutions with expertise in ecological engineering as well as local authorities and municipalities as implementing bodies. Lead Partner does have a network of cooperation in Poland, which shall be extended abroad in order to cover the biggest possible Baltic Sea catchment area.
Exchange of experience and recognition of problems of wastewater treatment in non-urbanized areas gathered during the SUWMAB project will provide the necessary knowledge to applying for the project dedicated to work-out the best possible technology (strategy) of wastewater and sludge management for scattered development, taking into account specific local conditions.
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