Pre-Virtual Mobility

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01.10.2007 - 30.09.2009

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Student mobility and internationalisation of colleges and universities is becoming increasingly important in higher education and is promoted by the Bologna process. There are in Europe approximately 80 % of students, who do not have an opportunity to participate in Erasmus Programme because of social, financial and other reasons. For those students a virtual mobility (VM), i.e. ‘the use of information and communication technologies to obtain the same benefits as one would have with physical mobility but without the need to travel', is an opportunity to gain international experience as well as to increase their IT skills and develop e-learning experience at the same time.

The situation regarding physical and virtual mobility as well as e-learning in the countries involved in the project is very different but a need for mobility and internationalisation of higher education institutions is common to all countries involved in the projects and also defined in some key national documents and potentials for e-learning developments.

The interim report on the research results has shown that students need more support to be successful and efficient in virtual learning environment. Close co-operation between provider and consumer colleges/universities is needed to prevent false expectations of students taking part in a VM course, encourage participation and prevent drop-outs and thus enhance students' performance in the course because they have very little or no experience in online learning.
The main objective of the Pre-VM project is to encourage participation and enhance efficiency of VM in higher education.

It builds on the results of earlier findings and experiences as well as on recommendations of previous projects on VM co-funded by EC that reflect theses findings and experiences: developing support for experiencing online learning in a multinational and multicultural environment (collaboration, written communication, communication in a foreign language, social isolation, intercultural differences) and to interactions between provider (offering courses, course materials, etc.) and consumer (providing the students with access to material/services offered by a provider college/university).


College of Business Maribor, Slovenia (CBM), project co-ordinator
Open University Netherlands (OUNL)
University of Applied Sciences, Finland (UAS)
Newton College, Czech Republic (NC)


The objective of the project is to encourage participation and enhance efficiency of VM in higher education. The Pre-VM project aims are:

  • to contribute to the holistic implementation framework of VM and embed the required pre-VM phase in the implementation of VM,
  • to address the needs of potential VM students as defined above,
  • to raise awareness about the importance of permanent intensive interactions between provider/consumer universities/colleges to enhance students' performance in VM
  • to address the needs of (smaller) consumer universities/colleges as defined aboive,
  • to demonstrate new dimensions of co-operation and collaboration between provider and consumer university/college
  • to test the relevance of some products of a particular VM project co-funded by EC

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The project has finished.


The MoreVM project outcomes and results address the needs of potential and prospective virtual mobility students, who would like to take part in virtual mobility and be better prepared for the virtual experience or would just like to get a taste whether virtual mobility is something that can provide them with a rich learning experience. Also, the MoreVM project outcomes and results address the needs of HE institutions, universities and colleges, which would like to take part in virtual mobility developments and implementations and need further orientation into the field.

The so called Pre-virtual mobility support phase contributes to the holistic implementation virtual mobility framework in Europe. It includes the VM Introductory course for VM students, VM Cultural survival kit, VM Preparatory course for VM coordinators, VM coordinator profile, VM supervision scheme, and the MoreVM portal.

The VM Introductory course for VM students is aimed at (aspiring) mobile students and, as an introductory course, it gi


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