Mapping the Peer-to-Peer Model for Enhancing Adult Learning among Land Owners

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01.08.2009 - 31.07.2011

The purpose of the project is to enhance adult education in Northern and Baltic countries. The target group of the project is land owners and forest owners who are subjects of training and counselling concerning the use of the land they own. Intermediate beneficiaries include a variety of organizations offering formal and informal training to forest owners. This project is for exploring the experiences in
and interest towards using peer-to-peer learning as a method in land owner training. Based on this survey a suggestion will be made about how peer-to-peer learning model could be taken into use in Northern and Baltic countries.


This two-year mapping project will gather and elaborate both practical experiences and development potential of peer-to-peer adult learning activities in land owner outreach in four Nordic-Baltic Countries. Participants comprise education, research and development organizations from the field of natural resource management, the duties of which include promotion of adult education, and lifelong learning in context of regional rural development and sustainable land use. The aim of recognizing appropriate action recommendations for developing peer-to-peer learning strategies for land owners will be pursued through country-specific explorative studies, their summary, focus-group interviews on interests among adult educators and land owners and a dissemination seminar in Helsinki. Based on mapping activities a roadmap of procedure, a
description of best practices and suggestions on how to proceed towards developing a peer-to-peer adult education model, will be produced.


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