Sales competence to the core of growth 1.4.2019-31.8.2022


During the past decade, Oulu region has been struck by intense structural change. The renewal and development of local economy has required efforts in entrepreneurship, creation of new businesses and developing competencessupporting the growth of companies. Recent projects and collaboration between regional actors have made Oulu a leading area in entrepreneurship and startup activities. This project aims at making Oulu similarly well-known in the field of sales competence.

As the core of production activities has moved toward SME sector, the importance of selling as a factor of success has increased. In order to enable companies’ growth and enhance the job-creation, improving the sales competence requires similar procedures and investments as technological development. Additionally, the current employment development of BBAs demonstrate a certain miss-match in labor markets: the companies regularly report demand for sales people and simultaneously there are numerous business professionals looking for job opportunities.

Project aims at creating a new model for development of sales competence to meet the specific needs of the region.

Model is created as a collaborative action of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Oulu, Oulu Vocational College and BusinessOulu. In the project’s work packages the model for development is designed, piloted, assessed and integrated into permanent activities and development ecosystems. In addition, the created model is supported by organizing coaching for teaching staff to enhance pedagogical abilities to implement new educational models for sales competence.

As a result, this project has contributed to educational and development programs as well learning environments by adding a component of sales skills to them. A new model for developing sales excellence results in profitable sales and increasing appreciation of sales competence. Moreover, created model supports positive development of local economy and improving employment. This new model is applicable in three different levels of education especially in co-operative procedures between educational institutions and companies. Eventually, new model leads to activities that profile Oulu region as a leading area of sales competence in Finland.