Privacy policy

Name of the service

Oulu University of Applied Sciences Library Customer Register in Voyager library management system


Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd
Business ID 2509747-8
P.O. Box 222, 90101 OULU

Contact person in matters concerning the service

Hilkka Alila,
Director of the library Minna Koistinen

Oamk, data protection officer

Ulla Virranniemi

Purpose of processing personal data

Handling customer contacts. Library uses the register for supervising borrowing, borrowing rights, customer communication and statistics.

Automatic decisionmaking or profiling based on personal data

Not in use.

Personal data used

Name, personal identity code, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Customer pin is encrypted. Oamk student institution ID. Library card number and customer relationship registration date, patron group and statistical category. Fees and fee history. Information about procedures concerning compensation of material is included in customer data.

Library management system´s internal information: customer ID, expiry date of customer information and e-mail address, registration and update dates, note fields, identifier of the handler of the information and institution ID, numerical statistics of requests and loans.

Information on present loans and material on hold. After discharging the material, customer loan history is not traceable. Material loan history is traceable by library staff.

Sources of information

Information given by the customer on the Application form and Changes in personal information form as well as information given by the customer orally.

Oamk student and staff registers and Population register centre or some other student or address register outside the organization.

Information about service use, such as loan figures, is automatically included in customer data.

Information of Oulu University Library customer or Kajaani UAS Library customer will temporarily be transferred to our customer register when they use universal borrowing service. Transferred data: name, contact information and personal identity code.

Processors and handlers of personal data

Library staff

Transfer of the data to other service providers 

Customer´s personal data, loan information and charge information may be transferred to an organization outside Oamk for invoicing and debt collection purposes.

In online payment personal data will be transferred to Paytrail Ltd and they process personal data necessary in offering or maintaining payment service.

When ordering material from Oulu University Library, Kajaani UAS Library or National Repository Library via Leevi online catalogue, customer’s personal data will be transferred to the register of the library in question. Personal identity code will not be transferred.

With a customer’s distinct consent, personal data will be transferred to Finna register used by Leevi online catalogue. Finna’s data protection notice:

Oamk Library does not transfer personal data or address information for other use outside organization.

Data storage time

Customer data will be removed from the register, if the customer has not been active for five years or on the customer’s own request, if the customer does not have loans or outstanding claims due to the library. Uncollected library cards and forms and data connected to them will be destroyed a year after the application date. Data transferred in universal borrowing service will be deleted once a year.

Transfer of data outside EU or EEA 

The controller does not transfer data outside EU or European Economic Area.

The rights of the data subject

    • right of access to personal data
    • right to rectification of the data
    • right to the erasure of the data
    • right to restrict the processing of the data
    • right to object the processing of the data
    • right to portability

Basis for processing personal data

    • data subject’s justified benefit
    • a contract

Publication register

Publication register

1. Controller

Oulu University of Applied Sciences Library

2. Registry official

Director of the library Minna Koistinen

3. Name of register

Publication register of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

4. Purpose for processing personal data / use of register

Informing about publications written by the staff members at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and maintaining the data. 

Since the database is public, the data is available for anyone. Publication register

5. Contents of register

Bibliographic data and index terms describing the publications by the staff members at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the name of the responsible writer, unit, and classification of the publication. The register does not contain social security numbers.

6. Regular sources of information

The staff members will deliver the data to be registered. The data can be saved continually.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data and whether the data is transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

No regular transfer of data outside the University of Applied Sciences will be done.

8. Principles of data file / register securing

The register is public and accessible for anyone using a web browser.

9. Right to check registered information

A person, whose personal data has been saved in this register, has the right to check personally the correctness and validity of the data. A request concerning the checking of one´s personal information in the register can be done in person at the library or with a written request. The information can be checked immediately. The register does not include any personal information that could not be checked by the customers themselves.

10. Updating the registered information

The customer information will be updated without delay according to the changes informed by the customer. The library stafff will update the information and also correct mistakes at once if such are detected.