Thanks to the book transport service between the libraries, customers can use the collections of all library units of Oamk Library. Each library specialises in the material of its own field of study. It is also possible for the customers to borrow material from the large and up-to-date journal collections.

Library card

Students of Oamk can use Tuudo library card. Tuudo can be downloaded for Android and iOS mobile devices from Google Play and App Store. Using Tuudo library card requires logging in with Oamk user name and password. Activating Tuudo library card does not require visiting the library in person. Renewing loans and keeping track of reservations is also possible in Tuudo.

To get a plastic library card you should visit one of the library units, fill in an application and present your ID. The library card is valid in all units of Oamk Library. You can apply for a library card online as well.

The card is free of charge. If the card is lost, there is a fee for a replacement card.

The customer commits to the rules of the library. The library card is personal, and the customer is responsible for the material borrowed with the card. If the material is damaged or not returned in time, the library will collect charges according to the charges for overdue and unreturned or damaged items.

The customer should inform the library of any change in the contact information in person, by e-mail, phone or by filling in a form. The primary contact information for students of Oamk is the e-mail address given to all students.

The students of Oamk can use the student card as a library card. Student card needs to be registered in the library before it can be used as a library card. Student card can be activated to a library card only in the Library customer service.

You can also use an electronic library card i.e. a mobile card for borrowing material. It is available in your Leevi account after you have been registered as library customer.

Borrowing and renewing material

The Oamk library card allows you to borrow material from any of the library units of Oamk. The loans can be returned to any of the library units, regardless of which library unit they have been borrowed from. Oulainen Learning Centre serves only students and staff of Oamk, but material from its collections can be requested to other library units also by customers outside Oamk. Reference library loans must be returned to the library unit they have been borrowed from.

Loans can be renewed 20 times if there are no requests for them. Video recordings can be renewed once.

Loans can be renewed via Leevi online catalogue, via Tuudo app, at the library service desks, by e-mail, or by phone. When renewing loans by phone or by e-mail, the library card barcode number or studentcard barcode number must be provided with the request.

The library informs about an oncoming due date only by e-mail 3–5 days before a loan is due. The borrower is obliged to renew the loans even without receiving an e-mail notice.

Loan periods and overdue loans

Loan periods

  • Books in general collection: 3 weeks
  • Course books: 2 weeks
  • Journals: 3 weeks, the latest issue cannot be borrowed
  • CD's: 3 weeks
  • Sheet music and music collection books: 4 weeks
  • Video material: 1 week 
  • Reference books: overnight and weekend loans

You can also leave your books to be transported via regional transport system of Outi and Tiekkö libraries. Note! The books will not be removed from your loans until they have arrived in Oamk Library, so during the transportation the books will remain in your loans and charges will accrue. Regional book transportation runs according to their own timetables, so it may take over a week before the books reach Oamk Library. 

The library sends an overdue notice the day after the due date. The overdue notice is sent primarily by e-mail. If the loan is not returned, another notice will be sent eight days after the due date.

Borrowing rights will be lost if loans are at least 14 days overdue, reference library material seven days overdue, or if the overdue charges have amounted to 20 euro or more. When the loans are 14 days overdue, the charge will be six euro per loan.

A written notice will be sent when loans are 15 days overdue. Seven days after the notice an invoice will be sent if the loans have not been returned.

Remember to return or renew your loans on the due date at the latest to avoid overdue charges.

Compensation of lost or damaged material will be carried out according to the list Charges for overdue and unreturned or damaged items.

Reserving material

Requests for the materials in the Oamk Library can be made via the Leevi online catalogue, at the library service desks, by e-mail or by phone. Items available at any Oamk library unit can be requested to other Oamk library units free of charge.

When making requests by phone or by email, the library card barcode number or studentcard barcode number must be provided with the request.

When the requested material is ready for pickup, you will receive a notice by e-mail. Reservations expire in one week after the notice. Notices via e-mail are free of charge. If the customer has not given an e-mail address to the library, the pickup notice will be sent by post, and there is a fee of 2 euros. Making requests is free of charge.