Library rules

Oamk Library is open to everybody. Part of the collections and services are available only to the staff and students of Oamk. Oulainen Learning Centre serves only the students and staff of Oamk.

A registered borrower is obliged to observe the following library rules. The borrower is held responsible for all items borrowed with their library card. Registered borrower must have a proper address in Finland, poste restante address is not sufficient. The borrower is obliged to inform the library about any changes in their contact information in person, via web form, by e-mail or by phone.


Borrowing without a library card is not possible.

Library card

The library card is free of charge. A replacement card costs 2 euro.

Items available for loan and loan periods

  • Books in general collection: 3 weeks
  • Course books: 2 weeks
  • Journals: 3 weeks, the latest issue cannot be borrowed
  • CD's: 3 weeks
  • Sheet music and music collection books: 4 weeks
  • Video material: 1 week
  • Reference books: overnight and weekend loans
  • Some items may not be borrowed.
  • Video material is available for borrowing for the staff and students of Oulu UAS and Oulu Vocational College Kontinkangas Unit.

Overdue charges

Library collects charges on overdue, unreturned, missing or damaged items, interlibrary lending and some other services and products according to the list of charges. Overdue charges are listed here >>

Customer has to pay the total amount of his charges at a time. The charges the customer has paid will not be refunded.

The borrower is obliged to pay the overdue charges even if he has failed to receive e-mail notices or renew loans online due to service break of the online catalogue or other technical problem.

Suspension of borrowing rights

The borrowing rights will be suspended when an item is at least 14 days overdue or when the customer's accrued charges reach 20 euro.

The borrowing rights will also be suspended when a reference library item is at least seven days overdue.

The borrowing rights will be regained when the overdue charges have been paid.

Compensation of items

Lost or damaged items can be compensated primarily by replacing the item with a copy of the same item, by paying the replace-ment cost according to the Library charges or by paying the replacement cost invoice.

Video material can only be compensated by paying the replacement cost according to the Library charges or by paying the re-placement cost invoice. (For more information see charges.)

Renewal of loans

Loans can be renewed at the library, by using the library web services, by e-mail or by phoneVideo material can be renewed once and other loans 20 times if there are no reservations. Renewal and reservation policies of video material may vary between libraries. Overdue loans are charged according to the Library charges.


Reservations can be made free of charge at the library, using the web services, by e-mail or by phone. For availability notices sent by post there is a 2 € charge if the customer has not given their e-mail address to the library.

Electronic resources

All customers are allowed to use the electronic databases and full-text material within the library premises. The staff and students of Oamk have remote access to the electronic resources.

Interlibrary loans

Library orders interlibrary loans for staff and students of Oamk and Oulu Vocational College Kontinkangas Unit. Interlibrary lending is fee-based. (See Charges)

Suspension of borrowing and using rights

If a customer does not observe the library rules and instructions, his rights to borrow or use other library services may be suspended for a period of time. Restrictions and suspensions of rights are decided by the Library Director.


The Library Director will decide on any exceptions to these library rules.

These rules have been approved by the staff at a meeting on June 6, 2000. The library rules have taken effect on August 1, 2000.

The library rules have been updated on June 29th, 2018. The changes have been confirmed by Minna Koistinen, Director of the Library, in decision §30/2018 June 29th, 2018. The library rules have taken effect on August 1st, 2018.