In Kontinkangas Library, Kotkantie Library and Teuvo Pakkalan katu Library you can pay with a bank/credit card. 

Payments can also be made online in Leevi.

In Oulainen Learning Centre it is possible to pay only online.

Library customer has to pay the total amount of the charges at a time.

Charges on overdue loans

books, cds, cd-roms, DVDs, sheet music, journals, games, maps etc.  0,40€ / loan / day 
reference material 1€ / loan / hour 
items at least 14 days overdue 6€ / loan

An overdue notice will be sent on overdue items the following day after the due date.

If the items are not returned, another overdue notice will be sent eight days after the due date.

Borrowing rights will be lost if an item is at least 14 days overdue. The borrowing rights will also be lost if a reference library item is seven days overdue or if the amount of overdue charges is 20 euro or more.

The maximum charge for overdue loans is 50 euro per loans returned at the same time.

To avoid charges: Please return or renew your loans in time, on due date at the latest!


Charges for unreturned or damaged items

Lost or damaged material can be compensated by substituting it with an equivalent one, by paying the price the library has set, or by paying the invoice sent by the library.

DVDs can be compensated only by paying the compensation price or by paying the invoice.

Price list for unreturned or damaged material:

books, maps a minimum of 40€ 
cds, sheet music a minimum of 25 €
DVDs, cd-roms, games etc. a minimum of 50€
Key to the AV-room of Kotkantie Library 150€
journals a minimum of 10€ / issue
copies of catalogued free material 10€
free copies of journals 2€

A reminder of unreturned items will be sent 15 days after the due date. If the items have not been returned within a week, an invoice will be sent.

Unreturned loans will be charged according to the compensation charges on the price list. Invoicing charges will be added as follows:

      • 20 euros for 1 - 3 charged items
      • 30 euros for 4 - 10 charged items
      • 40 euros for more than 10 charged items

If the loan is returned after the library has sent the invoice, the customer still has to pay the above-mentioned invoicing charges.

If the invoice remains outstanding, it will be delivered to a debt collection agency. If the loan is returned after this, customers do not have to pay the compensating charges. However, the invoicing and debt collection charges have to be paid.

Interlibrary loans
Interlibrary loans from Finnish libraries to students and staff of Oamk and Oulu Vocational College, Kontinkangas Unit:
books 6€ / loan
article photocopies 7€ / 1-20 pages and
4€ / the next 1-10 pages
Interlibrary loans from the National Repository Library are free of charge.

Oamk students writing their thesis can order free of charge maximum of five loans per thesis with the approval from the supervisor.

Interlibrary loans for Oamk staff are free of charge if they are ordered for teaching or professional purposes, but fee-based if ordered for private use. Interlibrary loans for projects are charged from the project funds.

Interlibrary loans from libraries abroad to students and staff of Oamk and Oulu Vocational College, Kontinkangas Unit:
books 20€ / loan
article photocopies 20€ / 1-20 pages and
4€ / the next 1-10 pages
The charge must be paid when the loan is collected. There is a charge also for the interlibrary loans not collected.

Interlibrary loans to other Finnish libraries and information services
books 10€ / loan
article photocopies 10€ / 1-20 pages and
5€ / the next 1-10 pages
Interlibrary loans to Finnish University of Applied Sciences libraries are free of charge.
Interlibrary loans to libraries and information services abroad
books 20€ / loan
article photocopies 20€ / 1-20 pages and
5€ / the next 1-10 pages
Other charges
A library card to replace a lost one 2€
A collect notice by post 2€
Paying overdue charges with invoice overdue charges + 6€ invoicing charges, possible only if all loans have been returned.
An invoice to compensate for damaged or unreturned material price of the material + 6€ invoicing charges
A plastic bag 0,20€
Photocopies A4/page  0,30€
Photocopies A3/page 0,60€

The charges have been affirmed in the library rulesThe Library reserves the right to revise the charges.