Accessible books for Oamk students

If you have a print disability, you can listen to course books via Celia or Bookshare services, free of charge. Using Celia and Bookshare services starts with an introductory interview and user info in the library.

Book a time for the interview and registration in your library.

Who can use Celia services?

Both Celia talking books and Bookshare ebooks are available to those who have difficulties in reading ordinary books due to, for example, dyslexia, learning disability, illness or injury. Poor language skills are not a reason for Celia or Bookshare customership.

Celia is a national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland. There is no need for presenting a certificate about print disability in the introductory interview for Celia services. Please contact Oamk Library to register for Celia’s services.

Bookshare is an international ebook service for people with reading barriers. Library staff will guide you on Bookshare registration. Proof of Disability form signed by your campus student counsellor or study psychologist needs to be sent to Bookshare. Proof of Disability form can be printed from Bookshare site.



Searching for books

If the book you need is not available in Celia collection, library staff can help you in finding it via other services, e.g. Bookshare. If you can’t find the book you need in your studies in accessible format, you can make a request for its production to Celia. Production of a new listening book takes about three months.


Celia and Bookshare books can be listened with computer, tablet or smart phone. For listening Celia books on tablet and mobile phone, you need a free Pratsam Reader application. Bookshare ebooks can be listened, for example, with Dolphin Easy Reader or Go Read applications.

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