Jyrki Holappa

Senior Lecturer, head of degree programme
School of Business [2021]/Business

Room: 7D wing, 3rd floor
050 5909670
Reception time: Next office hour: See below for more information.

More detailed description of position:

Opetusaineet: markkinointi, international business, tapatietous Vastuualueet: tutkintovastaava Degree Programme in International Business Muut tehtävät: osaston akateeminen kv-koordinaattori



Immediate superior

Tiina Gallén

Further information

Head of Degree Programme in International Business
Office hours (changes may occur*):
If you need to retake any of my exams, please consult me for arrangements (re-exam date etc.).
Please wait in Zoom until it is your turn.
Wed Feb 17 at 13-14 online
Thu Feb 25 at 12-13 online
Thu March 4 at 12-13 online
*)During my absence you can also contact International Services/Piritta Nätynki or Marianne Isola and Academic Services/Ms. Minttu Kedrin. DIB Tutor teachers:
DIB20SP: Pia Puustjärvi
DIB19SP: Terhi Mustakangas
DIB18SP: Miisa Tanner
DIB17SP: Miisa Tanner
DIB16SP: Sanna Oja
DIB15SP: Terhi Mustakangas