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Degree Programme in Music Pedagogue (240 cr)

Basic and Professional Studies 240
The aim of basic studies is to provide the student with a comprehensive overall view of the position and significance of the field concerned within society and working life and in an international perspective, to familiarise the student with the general theoretical basis of the field and with communications, and to provide the student with the sufficient language proficiency necessary for practising the profession and for further professional development. (Vararehtorin päätös 13.10.2016 § 16)

The aim of professional studies is to familiarise the student with the main problems and applications in the professional field concerned and their scientific or artistic basis in order to allow the student to work independently in the field in either expert duties or development work, or as entrepreneur. (Vararehtorin päätös 13.10.2016 § 16)
Study year 1A 1S 2A 2S 3A 3S 4A 4S 5A 5S

Total credits / ECTS credits
Total credits / ECTS credits

I Know and I Learn 60
MM00CV65 Orienting Towards Learning 15                   15
MM00CV66 Observating Musical and Pedagogical Environment 15                   15
MM00CV67 Constructing Pedagogical Understanding   15                 15
MM00CV68 Constructing the Basis for Instrument Teaching   15                 15
I Instruct and Realize 60
MM00CY29 Instructing in Learner-oriented Manner     15               15
MM00CY30 Teaching and instructing in different ways     15               15
MM00CY31 Experiencing, Analysing and Understanding       15             15
MM00CY32 Expressing and Performing       15             15
Learning and Doing Together 60
MM00CY33 Working in Art Communities and Projects         15           15
MM00CY34 Acting Responsibly         15           15
MM00CY35 Creating Well-being with Music           15         15
MM00CY36 Preparing and Coaching           15         15
I Grow into a Responsible Professional 60
MM00CY37 Instructing and Organizing Activity             15       15
MM00CY38 Preparing for Working lLfe             15       15
MM00CY39 Gathering Professional Expertise               15     15
MM00CY40 Being Aware of Expertise and Musical Professional Identity               15     15
Pedagogical Studies and Practical Training  
The aim of practical training is to familiarize students with practical duties of major importance in relation to their professional studies, in particular, and with the application of knowledge and skills in working life under supervised conditions. (Vararehtorin päätös 13.10.2016 § 16)
Pedagogical studies and practical training are included in the 15 credits mandatory periods as part of the implementation.

The module includes a teacher's pedagogical qualification to provide 60 credits with training. In addition, the module studies include studies in the field of working life 6 credits. Pedagogical studies, practical training and working life studies are included in the 15 credits mandatory periods as part of the implementation.
Study year 1A 1S 2A 2S 3A 3S 4A 4S 5A 5S

Total credits / ECTS credits
Total credits / ECTS credits

Free-Choice Studies  
Free choice studies are included in the 15 CR mandatory periods as part of the implementation. The students can choose freely selected parts of implementations according to their orientation.

The student is confirmed by a module study in accordance with the personal plan, or the students are given the opportunity to credit the studies for which the degree of professional education does not have a study period. Study period studies may include significant music activities carried out at a college or foreign institution or outside the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, students can choose the studies offered by Oulu University of Applied Sciences in free choice studies, such as
-YY00BH24 Description and Evaluation of a Business Idea, 3 CR
-YY00BH25 Incubation of Business Ideas, 7 CR
-YY00BH26 Developing Own Business, 5 CR
Compulsory course of study for outgoing students:
-Y00021E Orientation to Study Exchange 3 CR.

Free choice studies may also include the student's professional skills acquired for example in the workplace or in their spare time.
MM00DA14 Practitioner Studies Autumn 2020                     3
MM00DA15 Practitioner Studies Spring 2021                     3
M2071MS Body Care of a Musician                     3
M2450MS Unspecified Music Studies                     5
M3078MS Erikseen sovittavat musiikkiopinnot                     3
YY00BH24 Description and Evaluation of a Business Idea                     3
YY00BH25 Incubation of Business Ideas                     7
YY00BH26 Developing Own Business                     5
Bachelor’s Thesis  
The aim of the Bachelor's thesis is to enhance and demonstrate the ability of students to apply their knowledge and skills in practical expert duties related to their professional studies. (Vararehtorin päätös 13.10.2016 § 16)
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