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Welcome to study at the Open University of Applied Sciences in Oulu!

This guide contains important information concerning your studies. If you have any questions after reading the guide, please contact us at (korvaa # -> @).

We wish you the best of success with your studies!

Open UAS team

  • Studying at Oulu Open UAS

    Students at the Open University of Applied Sciences usually study in the same groups as degree students. Through the Open University of Applied Sciences, you can attend any course available if the course is not full. For information on available places, please contact (korvaa # -> @).

    During the academic year 2021–2022 the studies cost 15 euro for one credit or 300 euro for the entire academic year. Please note that we will not charge you more than 300 euro for your studies per academic year.

    You can search for interesting courses through browsing the curricula of the different Degrees.

    Planning your studies at Open UAS

    If you wish to make a personal study plan, you can do it together with the Open UAS contact person. If you are going to participate in a study path or study a larger module of courses, you can also plan your studies with the tutor teacher, the head of the degree programme or study counsellor. If you have any questions relating to specific courses, you can contact the teacher in charge.

    Cancelling your studies

    Enrolments are binding. We do not refund any paid study fees. If you wish to cancel your participation in the studies, you must do so before the beginning of the studies by sending an email to (korvaa # -> @). If you wish to cancel your participation after the studies have already started, you are required to pay the study fee. Note! Enrolment to Nonstop studies is binding and cannot be cancelled without paying the study fee.

    Academic year and study schedules

    The academic year (1 August – 31 July) consists of periods, which last 40 weeks in total. The teaching usually begins at the end of August, during weeks 34–35. You can check the exact dates of the academic year from Study Guide.

    The schedules or timetables for studies are available in Schedule Tool (Lukkarikone). You can find the instructions on how to use Lukkarikone on IT Service’s web pages. Please note that possible changes in schedules are announced in Schedule Tool, so remember to check it regularly. If you have any questions about the schedules, get in touch with the contact person for Open University of Applied Sciences or the lecturer of the course.

    Informing and contacting the staff of Oulu UAS

    The staff use the student intranet Oiva  or e-mail to keep the students up to date. The ways of informing are notified at the beginning of the course. The staff’s e-mail addresses are usually (korvaa # -> @). You can find the contact information for all campuses on Oulu UAS’s web page. Please use your student e-mail when contacting the staff.

    Note that your contact information is not automatically updated through the Population Registration Centre. Remember to notify the contact person of Open UAS whenever your contact information changes.

    Enrolment to new courses

    As a student of the Open UAS, you have to enrol to courses by contacting the contact person for open studies. You cannot enrol to courses through Peppi as degree students do or by only consulting the teacher.

    Invoicing of Open UAS studies

    You will receive an electronic invoice (by e-mail) after the studies have begun. After you have received the e-mail, the e-invoice is payable through Paytrail in Open UAS enrolment registration system by choosing the link “Own course enrolments and payments". If the payer is other than yourself, a paper invoice will be sent to the billing address you have informed in registration system.

    If you have any questions relating to the invoice, please contact (korvaa # -> @) immediately. Open UAS studies are invoiced according to enrolments and cancelling without a fee is only possible before the courses have started. The pricing is 15€ / credit or 300€ / academic year.

  • Completing Your Studies at Open UAS

    User account

    You will receive a personal user ID once you start your studies. Oulu UAS’s access rights require you to change your password as soon as you receive it. If your user account does not work, please contact the helpdesk at (korvaa # -> @) / 0294 483 124.

    You can access all the UAS' online systems with the same user account: login to computers, student intranet Oiva, e-mail and Moodle.

    Students' intranet Oiva

    Oiva is a daily tool which allows you to keep up-to-date on current issues and take advantage of various tools and services in your studies. If the language in Oiva is in Finnish, you can change it to English in the top right corner by clicking the Menu.


    Moodle is one of Oulu UAS’ e-learning environments. Moodle requires you to log in with your student ID. 

    In Moodle, each e-learning course has its own space. Depending on the preferred signing in method of your teacher, you can either assign yourself to the work space of your choice or the teacher will add you to the work space. If teacher uses self-registration, you might need the enrollment key. You will receive this enrollment key from your teacher.

    Open UAS current topics will be informed in Moodle. You will have the Open UAS course space automatically in your Moodle.

    E-mail & OneDrive

    The format of your e-mail address is (korvaa # -> @). Your e-mails are located in a Microsoft Office 365 cloud service. Login to the service on your browser. With the links in the toolbar, you can access the other MS cloud services, such as your OneDriveYou must read your Oulu UAS e-mail regularly. Teachers use e-mails to inform the students. If you primarily use some other e-mail address, you can forward your study e-mails to that address. Check out further instructions regarding the use of e-mail and Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.


    Exam practices vary from different campuses. The teacher will inform the students of the exam practices at the beginning of the course. Oulu UAS has an electronic exam (Exam) in use. 

    Electronic exam system (Exam): General info


    Theory classes do not have obligatory attendance. However, at language studies, seminars and exercises attendance is usually obligatory. For more information, please ask the lecturer of the course.

    Grading methods and grades

    The assessment regulations of Oulu University of Applied Sciences are applied to grading the completed courses. The assessment is either numeric on a scale of 0 to 5 or verbal on a scale of fail or pass. Students taking Open UAS studies must complete the course along with all the required tasks by the given deadline.

    As a student of the Open University of Applied Sciences, you can raise a grade of a failed course without an extra fee. You can raise a grade of an approved course once. If you wish to raise your grade, you must do so during the next term following the end of the course at the latest.

    Teachers mark the grades within three weeks of evaluation/deadline. You can view your grades in Oiva or ask about them from the Open UAS contact person.

    The extent of the studies

    Your studies are measured with credits (cr). The credits describe the workload, which is demanded from students to complete the course. One credit corresponds approximately to 27 hours of work.

    Transcripts of records and other certificates

    Upon request, the Open UAS contact person can write an attendance certificate and other official statements of studies, for example, to the TE services. 

    After completing all of your studies at the Open UAS, you can request the certificate by e-mailing (korvaa # -> @). You can also order a digitally signed transcript of records via Peppi. Digitally signed documents are available immediately and you can print or forward them as electronic attachments. Documents ordered via Peppi are official documents which are valid to prove your studies to authorities. Please note that the study fee must be paid before receiving the certificate. 

  • Other Services for Students

    Student Services offices on campuses

    Student Services on campuses give information on the operations and practices of the University of Applied Sciences, for example, on schedules, transcripts of records and exam practices.

    Student union and student card

    Only degree students are admitted as members of the student union and granted the national student card. However, you can contact Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO) in any matters regarding the supervision of students’ interest.

    Student health care and Study Psychologist

    Open UAS students are not entitled to student health care or study psychologist services.

    Student restaurants & meal card

    As a student of the Open UAS, you can eat at the student restaurants operated on the campuses. You will receive a meal card through your Open UAS contact person, entitling you to a more affordable price on the basic lunch menu choices (check the price from the restaurants).

    Student benefits

    Open UAS students are not entitled to any student benefits, for example, student money or a student loan from Kela.

    Library Services

    The libraries of Oulu UAS are open for all. The libraries operate on for different locations. More information on the libraries is available on their web site. The library staff is also available to assist you in using the library services. It is best to get your library card already at the beginning of your studies. As a student of Open University of Applied Sciences, you can also get remote access to electronic material and databases located outside the campuses.

    IT Services & computer labs on campus

    IT Services has compiled broad information on different IT issues on their own pages. You can contact IT Services by e-mailing (korvaa # -> @) or by phone 0294 483 124. In Linnamaa you can visit Campus ICT service point located on the Northern part of the Linnanmaa campus (1st floor, room number 7D103). On other Oamk's campuses, contact the ICT Services to make an appointment.

    Every campus has computer labs available for student use, some are available during evenings and weekends, as well. Please ask your campus caretaker for more information on what rooms are currently available. Should you require video cameras, voice recorders, etc. (relating to course assignments), you can ask to loan them from the IT Services.

    Copying and printing lecture material on campuses

    Secure printing and copying is available on all campuses. For further information, see IT-services’ info on SafeQ printing.

    Tuudo mobile app for students

    You can download the Tuudo app for your mobile device. From Tuudo you will find e.g. your schedule, the grades you have received, OUAS news etc. For more information, see IT-services' info on Tuudo.

    Insurance coverage

    The students of Open University of Applied Sciences are also covered by the insurance company. Remote studying and studies done at partner universities are not included in the insurance coverage of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

    More information on insurance coverage

    University Sports of Oulu and Sports Pass

    University Sports of Oulu offers academic sport services and other welfare services for students and staff of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. If you study at least 15 credits during one academic year, you are able to buy the Sports Pass. 

    Safety on campus

    Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the safety instructions of your campus. Safety instructions can be found in Oiva.

    Parking on campus

    Linnanmaa campus

    Parking on the Linnanmaa campus.

    Kontinkangas campus and Oulainen

    You will need a parking permit for the parking lot on the Kontinkangas campus.  You can buy the parking permit from Taskuparkki app. Some of the parking spaces have been reserved for the staff. The adjacent parking lot of Rauhanyhdistys is also available during the day. There you do not need a parking permit. Additional space is available also on the Ouluhalli’s parking lot.

    In Oulainen, the spaces with heating posts for cars are reserved for staff, other parking spaces are available for unlimited parking.

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