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Arrival and Departure

We want to welcome all the students to study in Oamk. To make it really easy, we organise arrival and departure services and have meetings with the exchange students regularly.

  • Arrival Services

    Last updated: 18 February at 09.45. Further updates are possible.

    Our peer tutors and staff members are welcoming you to Oamk during the arrival days:

    • Autumn: 18 & 19 August between 10 am and 8 pm
    • Spring: 4 January (full term) or 25 February (short term) between 10 am and 8 pm

    Please come and meet our welcome committee at the Routa dormitory (Tutkijantie 2, 90570 Oulu).

    You can enter the Routa dormitory only from within the yard at the E-building entrance, see the maps (yard and floor plan, entrance and reception area). The key to your room will be available at the location, in the entrance area of the E-building, coming from the yard. You can get your key during the arrival services from our welcome committee in the E-building. Our peer tutors will be helping you in finding your room, and in any other questions too. The kitchen is also located in the entrance area of the E-building, and a stage in the yard to gather safely, if you have to wait for your turn to pick up the key.

    You should plan your travel and arrive yourself, preferably by taxi, considering safety measures in place at that time. Check the "Local transportation in Oulu", including also the bus connections, Oulu Airport > Linnanmaa campus > Routa dormitory (via Oulu city centre).

    The Covid-19 situation is our common concern - our safety and health depends on every one of us:

    1. Study and follow the guidelines of the country and the university, see the links below.
      Oamk decided that all exchange students arriving in spring 2021 are required to enter a 10-day quarantine. See further information and links below .

    2. Wear a face mask throughout your journey (on planes, trains, buses etc.)
    3. Come directly from the airport, train or bus station to the Routa dormitory
    4. Pick up your key wearing your face mask
    5. Avoid crowds and keep at least 2 m distance to others at all times
    6. Maintain good hand, coughing and sneezing hygiene

    Please note that the arrival services apply only to your arrival to Oulu, and that you have to cover your own travelling expenses in all cases.

    Guidelines for students in quarantine:

    Please note that Oamk requires you to stay in a 10-day quarantine in accordance with the Finnish authorities’ guidelines – for your own and each others’ safety. What does this mean?

    You can:

    • Go out for a walk alone
    • Visit a doctor, if need be

    You can’t:

    • Stay in the common areas of the dormitory
    • Visit the campus or public places
    • Go out for grocery shopping or hobbies

    You should:

    • Maintain good hand, coughing and sneezing hygiene
    • Monitor your health (
    • Ask your fellow students and peer tutors for assistance (shopping etc.) and use the tutorial for online grocery shopping (
    • Wear a face mask and keep 2 m distance from others, if you need to visit a doctor

    We will provide all the students in quarantine with food survival package upon your arrival, but please prepare yourselves in advance, and bring along the basic food already with you.

    Guidelines for all students:
    Arriving at other times:

    Note that you can move in only on 4 January 10 am – 8 pm, as PSOAS cannot guarantee that your apartment is empty, cleaned and keys are available before that. The previous tenants have the right to stay in the apartments until 4 January, as it is the first work day of the month. We reason nevertheless that autumn tenants have left and cleaned the rooms by 31 December.

    According to PSOAS, keys to the apartments may be available 29 – 31 December providing that the apartment in question is free by then. In this case, you should pick up the key by yourself from PSOAS’ Lounge office at Linnanmaa and during PSOAS’ opening hours, see contact information and procedure below. Note that PSOAS has closed 1 - 3 January! 

    If you choose to come at a time other than the official arrival day times, you are advised to transfer and check in to PSOAS' Routa dormitory or your place of accommodation on your own. In case you will be staying at the Routa dormitory, get your key from PSOAS' Lounge at the Linnanmaa campus during PSOAS' opening hours, Mon-Fri, 9 am - 4 pm. (N.B.! On 31 December PSOAS has open only 9 am - 2 pm!). If you are arriving in the night, you may need to stay at a hotel or hostel - the Oulu Airport is closed between 2 and 4 am so you cannot stay at the airport.

    Your peer tutor or any other person you trust may help you in case of an early or late arrival, if possible and mutually agreed. If a peer tutor or someone else wishes to obtain your key to PSOAS' dormitory, you must email PSOAS' Housing Office and authorise the trusted person in charge beforehand!

  • Orientation Days & Study Info Sessions

    Last updated: 22 February 2021. Further updates are possible. Information on 2021-22 will be published as of May 2021.

    Welcome Webinars
    Orientation Days

    Participation in orientation days is mandatory, as they are an excellent way to start your exchange and get to know each other. You will take part both in a joint orientation day of Oamk, and in a field-specific orientation day.

    Our joint orientation day offers you plenty of practical information on living in Oulu and making your way at Oamk. It consists of presentations in the morning,  and our peer tutors will offer student-led activities in the afternoon.

    Our field-specific orientation day provides you with detailed information on your studies. Our field-specific international academic coordinators will have a study information session in order to share information on studies, schedules and ethical guidelines. If possible, you may take part in campus tours led by peer tutors.


    2020-2021, 2019-2020

  • Check In Meeting

    The online check in meeting is mandatory for all exchange students. We will schedule the online meeting normally in the first two weeks after the orientation days or your arrival. Please follow the steps below and attend the online meeting:

    1) Get your Finnish personal identity code (PIC) if you are staying at least or longer than 3 months

    For detailed instructions, please consult: "Registration and personal identity code".

    2) Submit your arrival form via MoveON

    Log in to the arrival form with your MoveON credentials (username = email and password) from your MoveON application.  Do *not* use your Oamk email. Include your Finnish personal identity code (PIC) and update your emergency contact information and your insurance documentation. If it takes longer to obtain the PIC, please start filling in your arrival form and provide required information, but submit it only later with your PIC!

    3) Attend the online check in meeting

    You will have the opportunity to address questions at the beginning of your exchange, whatever may be circling in your mind. If you need to have any documents signed for your home university, please email these to us at (korvaa # -> @).

    • Tuesday, 12 January at 16.00 Finnish local time, via Zoom. Feel free to consult the slides for results and info.

    If you have questions or ideas, feel free to contact your administrative and academic coordinators.


  • Check Up Meeting

    You are welcome to join our online check up meeting, if you have questions about your exchange at Oamk. We will normally invite you for an online meeting for the week after the autumn and winter vacation. Feel free to meet us also in person during service hours during the term, of course.

  • Check Out Meeting

    The online check out meeting is mandatory for all exchange students approximately two weeks before the end of the term or your stay. Please follow the steps below and attend the online meeting:

    1) Check from your mobility documentation what kind of documents you need for your home university at the end or after your exchange

    Email possibly required documents from your home university to (korvaa # -> @). before the online meeting. 

    You will get the following documents after your exchange digitally from Oamk on our university's template:

    • Letter of Confirmation
    • Transcript of records

    N.B.! See more in "Studying at Oamk" > "Transcripts and Certificates".

    2) Submit your departure form via MoveON

    Log in to the departure form with your MoveON credentials (username = email and password) from your MoveON application. Do *not* use your Oamk email.

    3) Attend the online check out meeting

    • Wednesday, 21 April at 16.00 Finnish local time, via Zoom. This is an initial time, may be updated later once the schedules have been published. We will share the slides after the meeting.

International Services (korvaa # -> @)

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