Studying at Oamk

We at Oamk wish to facilitate a good learning experience for everyone involved in an exchange to our university. You (and we) have many opportunities for learning during an exchange. Below we have provided plenty of practical information on studying at our university. Please consult the information to make yourself familiar with our university.

  • ECTS and Assessment

    European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

    The Finnish credit system has been updated to comply with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) so that the Finnish credits are equivalent to the ECTS credits.

    ECTS credits are a value allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete them. They reflect the quantity of work each course requires in relation to the total quantity of work required to complete a full academic year, including lectures, practical training, seminars, independent studies, examinations and other assessment and learning activities.

    In ECTS 60 credits represent one (1) year of study in terms of the regular semester workload. ECTS credits are allocated to courses and are awarded to students who successfully complete those courses.

    This table shows how ECTS grades are applied to the grading system of Oamk:

    Oamk grade

    ECTS grade

    5 excellent


    4 very good


    3 good


    2 satisfactory


    1 sufficient


    0 fail

    F or FX

    Some study attainments can also be assessed on the grading scale pass/fail or approved/failed, see more below.

    Oamk's curricula are competence-based and objectives, learning outcomes and assessment of courses are defined in the course descriptions. Assessment in Oamk is not based on statistical distribution of grades. It can be converted into ECTS grades, as mentioned in the table above.

    Kindly note that at Oamk grading is done according to the assessment framework and/or assessment procedure that has been approved by our Rector. These cannot be changed by the course teacher.

    As outlined above, our grading scale is either numeric from O (fail) to 5 (excellent), or verbal on scale pass /fail or approved/failed. A verbal pass grade ("P" in the transcript of records, "H" in Peppi) means that you have reached the learning objectives and indicated competence level of the course. Thus, an Oamk verbal grade "pass" is not to be interpreted as only the lowest possible pass grade. Normally "pass" marks cannot be changed into grades.

    Please check the assessment framework for each course from the course description and therein from the section "assessment framework". Oamk's assessment framework consists of three competence levels I - III and within these of sub levels 1, 3 or 5. The competence level and sub levels are colour-coded (yellow) and you should be aware of those that apply when planning your exchange and when recognising your exchange studies afterwards at your home university. If all sub levels are marked as yellow, then sub level 3 is decisive and you have to apply it for your studies. When pursuing a course with a verpal pass grade ("P"), please document your course work also yourself so you can more easily have it recognised at your home university.

    In 2023-2024, the competence-based assessment framework will change at Oamk - more information later. Read up more on assessment at Oamk from our general Study Guide.

    Oamk's academic staff members have three (3) weeks (excluding holidays) for completing the assessment and adding the results to Oamk's system, once you (students/trainees) have finished all learning assignments.

    Scope and workload examples

    ECTS credits represent learning based on defined learning outcomes and their associated workload, 1 ECTS cr = 27 hours of work.


    For studies, the work hours consist of the working time a student spends in contact teaching as well as for independent and joint learning activities in Oamk’s courses, laboratories, projects, art productions, events etc., including also short breaks, meetings as well as preparation and reflection assignments, plans, reports and evaluation tasks etc.

    For traineeships and practical training, 1 week is counted at Oamk consisting of 40 work hours, i.e. 40/27 = approx. 1,5 ECTS cr/week. The work hours consist of the working time a student spends in a traineeship or practical training setting at/via Oamk, including also short breaks, meetings as well as preparation and reflection assignments, plans, reports and evaluation tasks etc. A traineeship or practical training is always supervised and/or mentored by Oamk’s staff.  The work hours and methods can be agreed in more detail in the traineeship agreement:

    • 2 weeks = 3 ECTS cr
    • 3 weeks = 5 ECTS cr
    • 4 weeks = 6 ECTS cr
    • 5 weeks = 8 ECTS cr
    • 6 weeks = 9 ECTS cr
    • 7 weeks = 10 ECTS cr
    • 8 weeks = 12 ECTS cr
    • 9 weeks = 14 ECTS cr
    • 10 weeks = 15 ECTS cr
    • 12 weeks = 18 ECTS cr
  • Course Descriptions and Enrolment

    Course descriptions

    You can obtain detailed course descriptions by searching for the courses with the basic or implementation course code in the section "Course search" (under "Curricula" or "Course implementations"). We advise to search for courses by its basic code (e.g. YY00DU55) or by name (e.g. Finnish Language 1: Survive!).

    For example, there are normally various implementations of the Finnish Language 1 course in each term, with a specific implementation code, usually four additional digits after the basic course code, e.g. YY00DU55 Finnish Language 1: Survive! for 3 ECTS cr.

    Autumn 2023:

    • YY00DU55-3002 Finnish Language 1: Survive! 29.8. - 14.11.2023. For this implementation. two groups will be formed by the teachers at the beginning of the course. The course will take place simultaneously on Tuesdays (16.30 – 18.00) in different classrooms on Linnanmaa campus.

    Spring 2024:

    • YY00DU55-3003 Finnish Language 1: Survive! 8.1. - 26.2.2024
    • YY00DU55-3004 Finnish Language 1: Survive! 11.3. - 3.5.2024

    Note that the teacher in charge will usually inform students enrolled to the course about the schedule, implementation and other practical matters shortly before the course starts by email (Oamk account).

    In most cases, you can also find out about course descriptions shortly before the commencement of the course by checking the implementation plan. You can locate the implementation plan of a course by scrolling to the end of the basic course description under the section "Implementation".

    If you intend to pursue a course taught and administered by another university than Oamk (e.g. a member of Campus Online) during your exchange, please make sure to approve of it beforehand with your academic coordinator at Oamk. You should also agree with him/her about the process of accrediting the course results at our university.  This is important, as otherwise the result of this course won’t appear in Oamk’s transcript of records after your exchange. In addition, please follow the learning agreement process with Oamk and your home university.

    If you take part in extra-curricular activities and courses at other levels than universities (e.g. a language or sports course at a college) during your exchange, kindly check with your home university, whether it accredits skills acquired outside of higher education. In Oamk this is known as HOT by which our degree students can accredit skills acquired during work or leisure in their degree programmes.  Oamk, however, cannot accredit such skills on the part of exchange students, so you must contact your home university for more information in your case. Accordingly, the results of such courses won't appear in your transcript of records from Oamk, but you may enquire with the college etc. about a certificate or document showing the results.


    Oamk's academic year is divided into two terms (1st semester in autumn and 2nd semester in spring). Each term has two teaching periods set apart from each other in mid-term, that is, a week of autumn/winter vacation. The schedules for exchange study programmes (such as in business) and courses are published usually approx. two weeks before the start of a new teaching period in our schedule tool. Please check your schedule based on your exchange study programme's group ID and/or by means of the courses' implementation codes. You find your programme's group ID in this website under "Useful links", or on the programme-specific website (for example, in the business programme, the group ID used in autumn 2023 is EXK23SBUS and in spring 2024 EXK24KBUS).

    Information on using the schedule tool

    Kindly note, however, that not all courses are necessarily timetabled and thus they won't possibly appear in the schedule tool. For example, online courses, project courses or courses with independent assignments may not appear in the schedule tool. Game LAB uses its own schedule, and sometimes also workshops, dance/music/media productions or laboratory sessions and practical training courses are not available in the schedule tool. 

    If need be, check the implementation description of the courses you are pursuing, and/or contact the teacher, and/or your academic coordinator/tutor teacher. You will find information about the teacher from the course implementation description (see above), and your programme or field-specific coordinator/tutor teacher on this website in the section "Academic Coordinators". 

    Course enrolments

    If you are pursuing courses during your studies or traineeship, you must enrol to your courses based on your learning agreement and during course enrolment periods:

    Oamk is using the "Peppi" system to make course enrolments. Please take care of your course enrolments after your arrival at Oamk (!) by accessing the Peppi system ( with your Oamk student account credentials (username and password).

    Please consult our detailed instructions and screenshots for course enrolments for exchange students (to be updated by ICT or relevant services)

    Enrol in your courses based on your learning agreement, that is, the courses you have been admitted to for your exchange. Make sure to enrol in the correct courses according to the courses' implementation code - you should find these in your learning agreement, or at our study programme website.

    Please note that courses have specific enrolment periods.  The enrolment period for courses is usually a couple of weeks before the commencement of courses. This means that you can enrol in your courses starting in the beginning of your exchange during or right after the orientation days. You can enrol in courses starting later in the term, for example, after mid-term, usually only later on, that is, by the autumn/winter vacation week. If the course enrolment period has already ended, please reach out to the teacher in charge.

    Once you have enrolled in your courses, each course teacher confirms the enrolments in Peppi. As long as the teachers have not yet confirmed the enrolments, you can still unenrol from your courses in Peppi (for example, when you accidentally enrolled in a wrong course). Once the teachers have confirmed the course enrolments, however, you cannot anymore unenrol yourself . If you need to unenrol yourself at this stage, please notify the teacher in charge.

    Kindly note that it is normally only possible to make changes concerning your courses (= adding/deleting courses) during the first weeks of the term and/or teaching period! You can delete or cancel a course anytime, but please notify the teacher in charge and follow the process for changing your learning agreement and unenrolment accordingly. If you wish to add or replace a course during your exchange, then you must first agree and confirm the availability and suitability of relevant courses beforehand by changing your learning agreement. Once your learning agreement changes have been confirmed, take care of your course enrolment accordingly. If the course enrolment period has already ended, please reach out to the teacher in charge.

  • Ethical Guidelines

    General ethical guidelines

    Please make yourself familiar with our university's general ethical guidelines as well as rules and regulations. We emphasise equality and accessibility, as well as safety and security We have a zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination.

    In case of questions or problems, please turn to our staff or fellow students, especially, peer tutors, or our student union OSAKO.

    Ethical guidelines for studies, research and professional work

    You may need to consider the following things during your studies or research, just to name but a few:

    • purpose and methods of your work
    • credibility, reliability or accountability of your work
    • privacy and data protection matters
    • equality, safety and security issues
    • approaching and working with different people
    • handling surveys, questionnaires, interviews etc.
    • creating and maintaining databases
    • dealing with sensitive and confidential data
    • adhering to business secrets or contracts
    • following legal and fiscal rights and obligations
    • copyrights and third party regulations
    • hygiene and medical requirements
    • asking for research or other permissions and licences
    • publishing results of your work
    • etc.

    If your studies, research or professional work concerns our university - students or staff alike - you need to apply for a license following these instructions.

    Arene's Rectors Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences has published very reasonable ethical guidelines for academic and professional work. The guidelines are mostly about thesis work, but they may be useful also for other purposes. The following links provide information in English on Arene’s website:

    Regulations on academic and professional conduct

    You are expected to follow the academic and professional study rules and proper conduct. Cheating in studies or exam situations and plagiarism etc. is not allowed nor tolerated. Violating these rules and conducting inappropriately leads to a failed course, and a hearing with academic and administrative staff. It may also lead to a warning or suspension. Notice of the cheating or inappropriate conduct may be also sent to your home university. Read up more on our university's regulations.

    Feedback and evaluation

    During your exchange, you are encouraged to provide feedback instantly and directly to our academic and/or professional staff such as supervisors of traineeships or projects. You will be asked to provide evaluation of your learning and the teaching or supervision usually at the end of each course. Be pro-active and reflect on your learning and teaching experience in a constructive way.

    Further links

  • International Tutoring

    Peer tutors will be assigned to every exchange student by the Student Union OSAKO and International Mobility and Oamk Services. Peer tutors are degree students of Oamk, whose job is to make the studies and life in Oamk as smooth as possible for you.

    Your own tutor will contact you before the exchange, once assignments have been completed. A group of tutors will welcome you for arrival services at the beginning of your exchange. Feel free to keep in touch with your own and other tutors during your exchange.

    We’re using WhatsApp groups for all exchange students and peer tutors of Oamk – the link is being shared to admitted students each term, along with the tutor assignement email, for autumn usually in the end of May, and for spring in the beginning of December.

    Here is a list of all possible activities of Oamk's international peer tutoring:

  • Administrative and Academic Coordinators
    Administrative Coordinators ( (korvaa # -> @))

    Roles: exchange nomination & application information and guidance, learning agreements (before, during and after the mobility) orientation days, check in, check up and check out meeting.

    N.B.! We are working across teams in Academic Affairs, International Mobility Services & Oamk Services. Check also Oiva/Tuudo for updates.

    • Mr Bastian Fähnrich, Education Designer, Oamk Services
      If possible, please book an appointment for on-site or online services.
      On-site services:
      • Tuesdays, 11-13, Linnanmaa campus (Yliopistokatu 9) 7 C building, 1st floor, Luotsi Service Point (hall 7C102 and/or room 7C103) (steerpathpdf map)
      Online services:
      • Email, (korvaa # -> @)
      • Phone/WhatsApp, +358 50 31 749 31
      • Zoom or Teams by appointment.
    • Ms Minna Moilanen, (korvaa # -> @), +358 50 301 3837, Education Designer, Oamk Services
    • Ms Tiina Schroderus. (korvaa # -> @), +358 505 209 729, Assistant, Oamk Services
    • Ms Marianne Isola, (korvaa # -> @), +358 50 408 7990, Development Manager, International Mobility Services
    • Ms Satu Lohiniva, (korvaa # -> @), +358 50 342 2648, Solution Designer, International Mobility Services
    Academic Coordinators

    Roles: exchange study information and guidance concerning studies and practical training, including field-specific advice on courses, course enrolment, schedules, special needs assistance etc.

    Kontinkangas campus
    Linnanmaa campus
    • Mr Jyrki Holappa (Business)
    • Ms Anu Niva (Bachelor's Business Information Systems, Master's Business Information Systems (Neu-Ulm),  Game LAB) as of 1 August 2023, formerly subsituted by Ms Minna Kamula
    • Ms Elina Bergroth (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Architecture, Electrical and Automation Engineering, Energy Technology and Building Services)
    • Ms Meija Lohiniva (Information Technology)
    • Ms Karoliina Niemelä (Media, incl. Visual Design Factory,  Journalistic LAB)
    • Ms Outi Nissi (Music)
    • NN, to be announced (Natural Resources - Agriculture & Rural Industries)
    • NN, to be announced (Dance)
    • Mr Esa Virkkula (Professional Teacher Education)
    Tutor Teachers:

    Roles: if need be, more detailed field-specific exchange study information and guidance.

    Kontinkangas campus
    Linnanmaa campus

    Traineeships may follow a different process and involve persons with different roles, see the section on "Traineeships" > Useful links > Roles, Responsibilities and Process

  • Learning Agreements

    We at Oamk shall devise a learning agreement with all incoming exchange students and applicants regardless of the framework of exchange. A learning agreement is a contract between a student / trainee, your home university and Oamk (or a traineeship provider). It ensures provision of education at Oamk and accreditation or recognition of your exchange studies or traineeship at your home university after your exchange.

    • Erasmus+ students and trainees from European partner universities, please obtain the traditional Erasmus+ learning agreement (LA) for studies or for traineeships on the template of your home university. If you are using Online Learning Agreements (OLA) for studies (!) we would prefer OLA. Please turn to your home university for advice and which system you should use at your home university to devise the OLA. For the time being, an OLA can be only devised for Erasmus+ student mobilities for studies (not yet for traineeships!).  There may be technical problems concerning OLA, so please notify your home university and us, if you experience any of these.
      For Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) at Oamk, please also use the Erasmus+ LA or OLA from your home university, or the template as agreed in the inter-institutional BIP agreement.
    • Erasmus+ students from Erasmus+ Global partner universities, please use Oamk's template, which meets the standards of the Erasmus+ framework.  It is a regular LA even though it says OLA.
    • Students and trainees of bilateral agreements and free movers, please use Oamk’s template of the learning agreement for studies.
    Learning agreement (before the mobility) LA-BM / Online learning agreement (first version) OLA-FV

    Please make sure that your learning agreement has been approved by all relevant parties before you come to pursue studies or a traineeship at Oamk.

    You must devise your learning agreement (before the mobility) and upload it signed by you and representative of your home university as a PDF file to MoveOn before submitting your application to Oamk. If you cannot get the signature of your home university representative before the application deadline, please attach it without the signature to your application. If you need advice from Oamk, please email a draft version as an editable Word or PDF to (korvaa # -> @). It is also possible to use Erasmus+ Online Learning Agreements for exchange students from the EU, i.e. if you come for studies. The OLA for traineeships is just being tested at the moment. The OLA is an entirely digital document and you should devise the first version before the mobility (OLA-FV). You should use the system that your home university is using and add the courses you have applied or have been admitted to - you and a representative of your home university will approve it first in your home university system after which it will be automatically transferred to our system, and we will approve it after your admission.

    Please note that it is possible to pursue courses only from one of the offered exchange study programmes due to timetable constraints. You must make your course choice in MoveOn, see Learning agreements with conflicting course choices cannot be considered and will be rejected on the part of courses which timetables will conflict.

    If you are coming for a traineeship or work placement, please check the section "Traineeships" on the website. In this case, your learning agreement for traineeships (before the mobility) should be signed by the mentor or supervisor, and a copy must be sent to (korvaa # -> @).

    Our international academic coordinators will review your application, course choice and learning agreement and make admission decisions internally within 2-3 weeks after the application. Kindly note that some exchange study programmes require also interviews. International administrative coordinators will sign your learning agreement (before the mobility) and email it along with the externally relevant admission decision and a letter of acceptance. The whole admission process takes normally up to a month as of the application deadline.

    Learning agreement (during the mobility) LA-DM / Online learning agreement (second, third or further versions) OLA-SV/TV

    You may make changes to your course choice during the mobility (add or delete courses) or traineeship and update your learning agreement (during the mobility) accordingly. The same applies to the online learning agreement (second or third version OLA-SV, OLA-TV). For that purpose, please consult at first Oamk’s international academic coordinator, and notify also (korvaa # -> @). In addition, you have to agree with your home university, whether the course changes or traineeship update is possible and can be accredited at your home university. Use the template for the learning agreement (during the mobility) from your home university (Erasmus+ student from European partner universities) or from Oamk (bilateral and free mover student, Erasmus+ Global student) and get all signatures. For Oamk, any of our administrative coordinators is entitled to sign your learning agreement for studies (during the mobility), usually our Oamk Services representative. In case you pursue a traineeship, your learning agreement for traineeships (during the mobility) should be signed by the mentor or supervisor, and a copy must be sent to (korvaa # -> @).

    Learning agreement (after the mobility) LA-AM

    The learning agreement (after the mobility) is usually not required for exchange studies, but it is replaced with Oamk's digital transcript of records. Our digital transcript of records includes all relevant information so that you can accredit your exchange at your home university, e.g. your courses and assessment results as well as the ECTS conversion table. If your home university requires the learning agreement (after the mobility), please email it on the template of your home university to (korvaa # -> @), and you will receive it by email at the latest five (5) weeks after all the assessment has been completed at Oamk.
    In case you pursue a traineeship, your learning agreement for traineeships (after the mobility) or the traineeship certificate should be signed by the mentor or supervisor, and a copy must be sent to (korvaa # -> @).

    General information
    • Name: Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk), Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu
    • Erasmus code: SF OULU11
    • Campus: normally not required, depends on field or exchange study programme 
    • Department: depends on field or exchange study programme 
    • International Mobility Services & Oamk Services (korvaa # -> @) 
      Oamk Services: Yliopistokatu 9, wing 7C, 90570 Oulu (main service point at Linnanmaa campus)
    • We are working in a team and learning agreements for studies are signed centrally. Please refer to the two contact persons mentioned below. We both can sign learning agreements,  as responsible persons as well as receiving administrative persons. The main roles and responsibilities concerning learning agreements for studies are given hereafter:
      • Responsible persons (normally signing LAs or OLAs):
        • Mr Bastian Fähnrich, (korvaa # -> @), +358 50 31 749 31, Education Designer, Oamk Services (for the fields of Business, Health & Social Care, Information Technology, Professional Teacher Education)
        • Ms Minna Moilanen, (korvaa # -> @),  +358 50 301 3837, Education Designer, Oamk Services (for the fields of Agriculture & Rural Industries, Engineering, Media & Performing Arts)
      • Administrative persons:
        • Ms Marianne Isola, (korvaa # -> @), +358 50 4087 990, Development Manager, International Mobility Services
        • Ms Satu Lohiniva: (korvaa # -> @), +358 50 342 2648, Solution Designer, International Mobility Services
  • Student Restaurants and Meal Subsidy

    Last updated: 1 November 2023 at 11.05

    There are various student restaurants on campuses. For lunch serving times and opening hours, please see the restaurants’ info signs and check the websites. There is usually a choice of different salads, vegetarian meals, meals including meat or fish and side dishes. Bread and water / milk / juice is included in the meal price. Coffee / tea has to be purchased separately.

    See also all restaurants offering subsided meals for students in Oulu, Oulainen and Northern Ostrobothnia.

    In addition, there are cafes and restaurants serving on Oamk's campuses, of which some offer student accounts for members of the student union OSAKO. For example, Messi, offers discounts for OSAKO members.

    Meal subsidy

    Students are entitled to a meal subsidy. Lunch prices varies according to the dishes from approx. 1 EUR to special meals over 4 EUR. You have to prove your student status with a KELA meal subsidy card and a valid passport/ID or OSAKO Student Union card.

    Meal subsidy cards will be given to enrolled exchange students during the orientation days.  You can also use the Tuudo app and its meal subsidy identifier or lunch discount item see below.

    If you are a member of the student union OSAKO and have a valid student membership card, you do not need a separate meal subsidy card in order to be entitled to the student-priced meals.

    Salad, bread, a drink (water / milk / juice / Finnish home ale) is included in the lunch price. Sprinkles (nuts, seeds, croutons, dried fruit, breadcrumbs and such) can be added to the meal free of charge.

    Restaurant Alwari has a one-dish policy: with a student price you can have one dish on a single plate:



    Tuudo app ​​​​​​: See the introduction and user guide by our ICT Services. For the lunch discount, access the meal subsidy identifier by clicking Tuudo's wallet icon on the top of the app:


  • Transcripts and Certificates

    We at Oamk require physical presence of exchange students / trainees during our official terms and mobility periods. The term and mobility periods have been planned so that you can complete your learning activities during the times given. The official exchange duration is documented in all mobility documents issued by Oamk. Exchange students / trainees are enrolled at Oamk for the entire duration of the exchange.  Study rights are granted a bit longer to facilitate access to IT systems after the exchange.

    Before or during your exchange you will get the following documents, at least digital copies:

    • Letter of acceptance before the mobility in the admission email
    • Learning agreement before the mobility in the admission email
    • Enrolment certificate at the first orientation day or check in meeting
    • Learning agreement during the mobility, if changes occur during your exchange

    After your exchange you will get at least the following digital documents on Oamk's template:

    • Letter of confirmation (see details below)
    • Transcript of records (see details below)

    As of December 2020 we do not anymore send hard copies of the aformentioned documents by postal mail. Usually, we also do not anymore email (encrypted) soft copies of the transcript of records:

    Letter of confirmation

    We will email your letter of confirmation on Oamk's template to you via MoveON after your exchange:

    • Autumn: usually in January
    • Spring: usually in April - June depending on the duration of your exchange

    Oamk's digital letter of confirmation includes the basic information of your exchange and, especially the duration of your stay at Oamk.  See more about the duration of your mobility below.

    Transcript of records

    Once you have finished your learning activities for studies or a traineeship, Oamk's academic staff members have three (3) weeks (excluding holidays) for completing the assessment and adding the results to Oamk's system.

    You can then obtain your digital i.e. electronically signed transcript of records as a PDF with your Oamk credentials. Our digital transcript of records includes the course and project work assessment results according to Oamk's grading scale and ECTS conversion tables, and/or course progress information. We cannot email the digital transcript of records due to Finnish laws on data protection and privacy.

    Instructions for students:

    1. Log in to Peppi with your Oamk credentials (username and password).
      If applicable, turn on VPN and check MFA requirements beforehand.
    2. Obtain the digital transcript of records (PDF) via the Atomi service icon and save it on your computer. See our ICT Services' instructions on the Atomi service and the digital transcript of records - make sure to get the digital i.e. the electronically signed transcript of records for exchange and not for degree studies.
      Once you have obtained the digitial transcript of records, you can then use the Atomi validator service or alternatively DVV's validator service to check the authenticity of the electronically signed PDF.
    3. Submit the PDF to staff in charge of recognising your exchange studies at your home university, or upload it to the mobility management system used for this purpose at your home university. Please also share the current website ( and the Atomi validator service or alternatively DVV's validator service link with your home university staff. Below we have compiled also instructions for staff at your home university. We informed your home university about Oamk's digital transcripts of records in the end of 2020 and since then twice a year in our partner email and fact sheet.

    We will issue and email the Erasmus+ learning agreement for studies (after the mobility) separately only, if required by your home university. Oamk's digital transcript is sufficient normally!

    If you are pursuing an Erasmus+ traineeship at Oamk or a local company/organisation, you will usually also receive an Erasmus+ learning agreement for traineeships (after the mobility) respectively a traineeship certificate from your supervisor after completion of all traineeship tasks and once the assessment has been completed by the supervisor. If need be, ask for advice from (korvaa # -> @). Also, email a soft copy of the final version of your traineeship certificate to us.

    If you are pursuing a course taught and administered by another university than Oamk (e.g. a member of Campus Online) during your exchange, please make sure to approve of it beforehand with your academic coordinator at Oamk. You should also agree with him/her about the process of accrediting the course results at our university.  This is important, as otherwise the result of this course won’t appear in Oamk’s transcript of records after your exchange. In addition, please follow the learning agreement process with Oamk and your home university.

    If you are pursuing a course at another level than universities (e.g. at a college) during your exchange, these results won't appear in Oamk's transcript of records. For more information, please see our study guide on courses.

    Instructions for staff from your home university:

    1. Ask for Oamk's digital transcript of records (PDF) from the student or retrieve it from the mobility management system to which the student has uploaded it.
    2. Use the Atomi validator service or alternatively DVV's validator service to check the authenticity of the electronically signed PDF. See also the general ICT Services' instructions for checking the authenticity of digital documents.
    3. You can file Oamk’s digital transcript of records in your mobility management system following archiving and data protection and privacy requirements in place at your university. Oamk's digital transcript of records is a PDF/A file – this should be sufficient to meet the standards of long-term archiving and digital preservation of documents, at least 8 years.


    Duration of the mobility

    The duration of your stay at Oamk is defined and documented based on your physical presence and learning activities during your exchange. An interruption of your stay and/or early departure is possible only in special cases which have to be assessed during your stay at Oamk on an individual basis.

    Stays and durations as originally planned:

    If you stay at Oamk and pursue learning activities at Oamk as originally planned, we will state the duration as mentioned in your acceptance letter and enrolment certificate.

    Interrupted stays and durations due to Covid-19:

    If you interrupt your stay due to Covid-19 and leave Oamk but pursue remote studies, we will state the duration as mentioned in your acceptance letter and enrolment certificate or as long as the learning activities continue. Remote studies due to Covid-19 will be stated as well, if you had to interrupt your stay and leave earlier.

    If you interrupt your stay due to Covid-19 and leave Oamk but do not pursue remote studies from back home, we will state the duration as of the beginning until the end of your day of departure from Oamk. We will nevertheless mention also the duration as originally planned.

    Other exceptional stays and durations:

    If your learning activities end earlier than planned, you can leave our university a few days (no more than 5 days) before the official end of the term or mobility period. According to Oamk's policy, this should not have an impact on your Erasmus+ or equivalent grants of mobility schemes, but your home university will decide about it eventually.

    If your learning activities last longer than the official end of the term or mobility period (and you are staying physically longer in Oulu for this purpose), then you have to consult all parties at Oamk and your home university about an extension of your stay. An extension of your stay may have an impact on your Erasmus+ or equivalent grants of mobility schemes.



    You can obtain a digital soft copy of your transcript of records free of charge. If you maintain study rights, you have to obtain the digital copy by yourself following the instructions above. If need be and exceptionally, we can also sent a digital copy to you in an encrypted email.

    Hard copies of the transcript of records or other documents are subject to the following fees:

    • Transcript of records 10 EUR (1 copy, additional copies 2 EUR/copy)
    • Degree certificate with appendices 50 EUR (1 copy)
    • Reference letters or complementary certificates for working abroad 50 EUR (1 copy) and investigation and reports by the head of the degree programme 80 EUR/hour.

    Delivery costs

    • Delivery as a registered letter to Finland 10 EUR and abroad 50 EUR
    • Delivery as a registered cash on delivery letter to Finland 10 EUR (N.B.! Not possible for international deliveries!).

    Please agree on the mode of delivery for hard copies with us ( (korvaa # -> @)) in advance. Please send the receipt of your payment encrypted as an email attachment. You can also produce it upon pick up, if you obtain your copy in person from us during service hours. Cash payments are not accepted.
    Our services certify for a true copy only documents which they have copied themselves. Copies are given only of transcripts of records and degree certificates which are awarded and issued by Oamk, in Finnish or in English. We do not provide any translation services.

    Instructions for payments

    Costs for copies of transcripts of records, degree certificates and potential handling and delivery fees are paid

    1. In advance as a bank transfer to the following bank account

      Beneficiary's bank: Osuuspankki/OP Bank
      IBAN: FI32 5741 4020 0600 54
      Beneficiary: Oulun Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd)

    It is obligatory to mention in the message field of the payment: Oamk 10208


    2. Cash on delivery
    N.B.! Cash on delivery can be used only for letters which are sent to Finnish addresses.