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Oulu University of Applied Sciences usually does not offer practical training except in the fields of health and social care. We encourage students from other fields to approach companies or possible organisations directly – as part of your learning experience. Please consult the field-specific information below to search for and obtain traineeships:

  • All Fields (except Health & Social Care)

    A word of caution

    Basic Finnish language skills are almost a must when searching and applying for a traineeship in companies or public organisations.

    Of course, companies are also looking for trainees from abroad and cherish English (or other) language and professional skills.

    Be pro-active and perseverant when searching for a traineeship. Use your networking skills and tools at hand. Present your skills and suitability for a traineeship in a convincing and realistic way - this is much respected by Finnish companies.

    Steps to take

    1) Search for a possible traineeship by means of databases. Consult the Oulu Region Company Database:

    Here’s the company database for Finland (use Google Translate and search with field-specific terms):

    If you are currently an exchange student at Oamk, you may also access our student intranet Oiva and look for vacant traineeships. Feel also free to network with teachers and RDI project staff at Oamk - it is always good to ask :-)

    2) When contacting companies, please

    • use their job recruitment or practical training portals and/or
    • send an open application with a targeted and creative letter of intent (cover letter) and short up-to-date CV including your personal information, academic/professional skill profile, and possible references.
    • If possible, you may also include a transcript of records with your academic study results, and a portfolio showing and giving proof of your professional expertise.

    3) Once you’ve made your application, we recommend to follow-up on it by phone and email, or – if appropriate – by making an appointment and paying a visit to the HRM staff.

    4) If you manage to get a practical training position, don’t ever start it without having a proper written practical training agreement including the conditions of the traineeship and work tasks, aims, supervision and possible payment!

    5) Take care of grant payment and taxation matters here in Finland, if applicable.

    6) Contact your home university if you can get a grant for your traineeship (possibly even before searching and applying for a traineeship in Oulu).

    7) In case you find a suitable practical training position in the Oulu region, and if you are a student from Oamk's partner institution, we may help you in getting accommodation and enrol you as an exchange student, as this will guarantee you the usual student benefits.

    If you are planning to come as an Erasmus+ trainee, please check our Erasmus+ documentation at Oamk with information on roles and responsibilities and instructions for devising the learning agreement.

    If you are planning to apply as a trainee from a partner university in the frame of a bilateral agreement or as a visiting student/free mover, you may use the documents required by your home university.

    For further information, contact (korvaa # -> @).

    All the best for your efforts!


  • Health & Social Care

    Our departments in health and social care offer practical training courses for a limited number of applicants and a limited workload/scope in ECTS cr (e.g. 6 ECTS cr) within the field-specific exchange study programmes and normally during regular terms only. In this way, you may pursue also other courses supporting your practical training. For example, we offer a Finnish Survival course (3 ECTS cr) and a number of timetabled online and regular courses during our academic terms. Considering autumn 2020, please note the information regarding cancellations of practical training!

    We have limited seats and workload for full traineeships at Oamk or third parties such as hospitals etc. and these are targeted primarily at higher education students. Short-term traineeships for higher education or vocational education students are currently only offered in the field of nursing and in Oulainen. We offer full traineeships for a limited ECTS cr scope usually only in combination with supportive courses from field-specific exchange study programmes and normally during our short-term mobility periods only.  By default, please plan and apply for a 3-month traineeship (higher education students) or approx. 1-month traineeship (vocational education students in nursing and in Oulainen) consisting of a programme-specific practical training course with a limited ECTS cr scope as well as supportive courses that have been timetabled for our mobility period(s). For example, we offer a Finnish Survival Course (3 ECTS cr) in the evening and suitable online courses that are professionally relevant - check our field-specific exchange study programmes  for more details!

    Enquiries and nominations about practical training courses or full traineeships should be directed to (korvaa # -> @).

    Practical training courses and full traineeships in health and social care must be applied to via MoveON according to our deadlines, in autumn by 30 April, and for spring by 30 September. Late applications won't be accepted!

    If you are planning to apply as an Erasmus+ trainee, please check our Erasmus+ traineeship documentation with information on roles and responsibilities and instructions for devising the learning agreement.

    If you are planning to apply as a trainee from a partner university in the frame of a bilateral agreement or as a visiting student/free mover, you may use the documents required by your home university.

    Admitted trainees in health and social care (apart from optometry) must meet our vaccination requirements and submit a health certificate before the commencement of the practical training course or full traineeship.

  • Professional Teacher Education

    Our department or School of Professional Teacher Education offers a short-term teaching practice (4 ECTS cr) within its exchange study programme during our regular terms. This makes it possible for you to also pursue supportive studies at the same time and network with our students and staff. Full traineeships can be also enquired, but these are very limited in terms of seats, duration and workload.

    In case of questions, feel free to contact the International Coordinators: Mr Esa Virkkula (for academic and professional matters) at (korvaa # -> @) and Mr Bastian Fähnrich (for administrative matters and application, (korvaa # -> @).

  • Interdisciplinary Demola & Game LAB Projects

    Demola is an excellent way to apply and come for a short-term (2-month) traineeship, if you like to work in multidisciplinary teams and company-based projects.

    Oulu Game LAB can be also pursued as a traineeship - it offers creating your own demo game with a team of students from different fields and connections to the game industry!

Useful links

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International Services (korvaa # -> @)

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