eCounselling is a service portal that includes both eCounselling and eGuidance services for students. Click on the service buttons below for descriptions and for access of the services. Some of the services require signing in.

  • Chat

    You can contact Academic Affairs via online chat. You can find the chat from the bottom right corner of this page. You can find the chat also on Oiva, Study Guide and Tuudo!

    You are anonymous when you contact via online chat. However, all the conversations are being stored. In addition, Ninchat collects e.g. IP-address, city, country and web browser information. The file description is available from the service provider on request.

    The chat is usually online Mon-Fri 12-15. When the chat is offline, you can leave a message, and you will receive an answer by email (Please note, that offline messages are not anonymous).

    Ninchat’s Privacy policy is available on

    As the online chat service is anonymous, you cannot receive any personal data such as transcript of records. All issues that include any personal data must be taken care of in person or via school email.

    Admission Services, Open University and Oulu UAS Library offer online chat services as well. Admission chat is available on OUAS public webpages during application periods. Open University chat is available on and Library chats on and

  • Contact Academic Affairs

    Send your question or request to the Academic Affairs.

  • Order a Study Document

    You can have digitally signed documents 24/7 through Peppi (see ORDERS-title). There are available Study Certificate and Transcript of Records. Digitally signed documents are available immediately, and you can print or forward them as electronic attachments. 

    Instructions for digitally signed documents »

    Oulu UAS Study Certificate is valid to prove your study right when buying season tickets for the local public transport in Oulu, but not for example to VR or Matkahuolto.

    Transcript of records shows all the courses that you have completed. Transcript of records ordered via Peppi or from Academic Affairs is an official document which is valid to prove your studies to authorities. You can also use it for example when applying for a job or a practical training place.

    Please take contact Academic Affairs: if

    • documents cannot be ordered from Peppi
    • there are errors in the document you received from Peppi
  • Assistive Technology Supporting Studies

    There is a broad selection of assistive technology (digital applications) that can be used with mobile devices as well as with computers. Some of the following applications are available only on iOS, some also for Android and Windows environments. Some of them are chargeable and some are free of charge. Some of the applications require data/internet connection. Additional information on the applications is available on application stores (AppStore, Google Play, and Microsoft Store).

    Examples of assistive tools for reading and writing on mobile devices (screen readers)

    Kuvastatekstiksi.png Speech-to-text conventers (Dragon Dictation, Swype Keyboard, Google Keyboard) Kuvastatekstiksi.png Self-voicing (Voice-to-text) applications (Voice Memos, Notes on iPad and iPhone; built-in technology)
    Kuvastatekstiksi.png Text-to-speech conventers (Voice Dream Reader) Kuvastatekstiksi.png Spectral Filters (iOverlayPlus)
    Kuvastatekstiksi.png Voice memo applications (Voice Memos) Kuvastatekstiksi.png Image-to-text converters (Mobile OCR)


    Accessories and applications supporting accessibility:

    Scanning pens and A4 scanners (wireless and USB)

    Separate microphones for self-voicing

    Celia-talking book service, please see

    You can listen a written text in many mobile devices and computers even without installing any applications. You just need to change settings (iPhone and iPad users: Go to Settings-General-Accessibility-Speech). iPhone and iPad enables users to change other accessibility settings as well. You can for example increase contrast, enlarge text and change colors.

    In Windows environment, you can find the accessibility settings from control panel > Settings > Ease of Access.  You can adjust for example mouse, keyboard and screen contrast and put Narrator on. Narrator is a screen reader that reads all the elements on screen.  From the Accessibility menu found in the Settings menu in your Android mobile device, you'll find, among other things, the Text-to-speech options from the Vision menu.

    In Google Drive you can speak text on Google Docs and Google Slides (SoundWriter). You can put on the Speech Recognition from the Add-ons, on the top menu, free of charge. After you have installed the add-on, go to the Add-on menu and choose Speech Recognition > Start. On the sidebar you can select language and change other settings as well.

    Google Chrome web browser and Google Translate also have their own speech recognition add-ons. Chrome offers also other accessibility features on Chrome web store. You can find the features from the browser’s Customize and control toolbar > Settings > Advanced > Accessibility. Mercury Reader extension is one of the Chrome accessibility features. It removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site.

    Tukilinja grants benefits to physically or mentally challenged people, who have financial difficulties. You can apply for a grant, if you live in Finland, have a long-term illness or disability and have financial difficulties due to your handicap. Since Tukilinja is a Finnish-speaking organization, you are advised to ask support from a Finnish-speaking person when applying for the grant.

    If you have challenges to cope with your studies Kela, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (available only in Finnish) will provide you with assistive devices of your needs. You will also get user assistance and Kela will take care of the maintenance of the devices. For further information on Tukilinja and Kela, please contact Campus Study Counsellor.

  • Book an (online) Appointment with Study Psychologist

    You can book an (online) appointment with study psychologist by sending an email to (korvaa # -> @)

  • Counselling and Guidance Videos

    You can find instruction videos and tutorials related to studying and Student Services from Counselling and Student Services playlist on YouTube.

    Do you know when and how to enroll? Are you going to take an electronic exam for the first time and do not know how to make the booking? You will find answers to these questions on the playlist.

  • Counselling and Guidance Facebook group

    This Facebook group is for students and staff members of Oulu University of Applied Sciences who are interested in Student Services and Counselling. Join the group to get up-to-date information on Student Services, Student Counselling and Guidance!

    We will regularly post news from Oiva and Events calendar. We also share all the videos related to counselling and guidance on the playlist.

    Please, note that the group is NOT an official information channel like Oiva.

  • Guidance in Information Seeking

    You can book an appointment for online guidance in information seeking or instruction in library usage.

  • Contact the Library

    You can ask questions and give feedback about all Oulu University Library functions and services: kirjasto(a)