School of Professional Teacher Education
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Bachelor Programmes

Curricula 2019 - 2020

The teacher's pedagogical studies comprise 60 credits. With these, you development your professional teacher's competence in various areas:

Competence in Educational Science 10 cr
Basics of Educational Science (School of Professional Teacher Education) OR Basics of Educational Science (Open University)
Pedagogical Competence in Planning, Implementation and Assessment 38 cr
Pedagogical Competence I 5 cr
Pedagogical Competence II (Teaching Practice) 10 cr
Competence in Special Pedagogy 3 cr
Competence in Digital Pedagogy 4 cr
Safety Competence 2 cr
Competences in Working Life and Networks 4 cr
International and Multicultural Competence 2 cr
Value Competence 2 cr
Competence in Laws and Amendments 3 cr
Competence in Research and Development 3 cr
Continuing Development as a Teacher 12 cr
Self-Assessment of Professional Pedagogy 3 cr
Teacher's Developmental Plan 3 cr
Optional Studies 6 cr

Professional teacher training programme is teacher's pedagogical education yielding the Teaching Qualifications Degree.



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