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Professional teacher education (60 cr)

Competence in Educational Science  
According to your personal preference: choose either the Oulu open university studies (in Finnish) or studies from the School of Professional Teacher Education (in Finnish and English).
Study year 1A 1S 2A 2S 3A 3S 4A 4S 5A 5S

Total credits / ECTS credits
Total credits / ECTS credits

1P00BU16 Basics of Educational Science                     10
1P00BU18 Kasvatustieteen perusopinnot (avoin yliopisto)                     10
Pedagogical Competence in Planning, Implementation and Assessment 38
Development of professional pedagogical competence (38 credits) includes studies in teaching and guiding, digital learning, networking, teaching practice and safety. The student progresses according to his /her personal study plan (PSP) acquiring and demonstrating competences in different learning environments.
Study year 1A 1S 2A 2S 3A 3S 4A 4S 5A 5S

Total credits / ECTS credits
Total credits / ECTS credits

1P00CZ83 Pedagogical Competence I                     6
1P00CZ84 Pedagogical Competence II (Teaching Practice)                     10
1P00CZ85 Competence in Special Pedagogy                     3
1P00CZ86 Competence in Digital Pedagogy                     4
1P00CZ87 Safety Competence                     2
1P00CZ88 Competences in Working Life and Networks                     4
1P00CZ89 International and Multicultural Competence                     2
1P00CZ90 Value Competence                     2
1P00CZ91 Competence in Laws and Amendments                     3
1P00CZ92 Competence in Research and Development                     2
Continuing Development as a Teacher 12
The student explicates his/her own competences and development needs reflecting on the core competence areas of vocational teachers.
Study year 1A 1S 2A 2S 3A 3S 4A 4S 5A 5S

Total credits / ECTS credits
Total credits / ECTS credits

1P00CH05 Orientation and Assessment of Vocational Pedagogy Competence                     3
1P00CH06 Teacher Competence Development Plan                     3
Optional studies  
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1P00BA79 How to Develop Vocational Education                     6
1P00BA34 Ammattikorkeakoulun opinnäytetyöprosessin ohjaus                     3
1P00DA04 Digi-Ekspertti                     3
1P00DA05 Digi-Kehittäjä                     5
1P00BA56 Esiintymistaidot osana opettajan ammattitaitoa                     3
1P00BT73 Henkilökohtaistamisesta näyttöihin ja osaamisen arviointiin                     6
1P00CZ95 Hyvinvoivana ja liikkuvana ammattiin                     3
1P00BA72 Self Management and Occupational Well-Being                     6
1P00BA77 Working in an International Environment                     3
1P00CZ93 Korkeakoulupedagoginen osaaja                     3
1P00BA73 Quality Assurance in Educational Institution                     3
1P00BN04 How to Support the Young Student´s Development and Growth                     3
1P00BA49 Production of Educational Videos                     3
1P00BA45 Student Assessment as Part of Educational Practices                     3
1P00CH24 Osallisuutta edistävä opettaja                     3
1P00CR48 Enhancing Competence in Professional Pedagogy                     6
1P00CH23 Tekijänoikeudet ammatillisessa opetuksessa                     3
1P00BM85 The ABCs of Teaching in English                     3
1P00BA81 Tiedonhankinnan perusteet                     1
1P00CH25 Yrittäjyyskasvatuksen integroiminen opetukseen                     6
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