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In Oulu UAS, there are several student associations which represent the students of a specific field of study.

Arkko ry

Arkko is the OUAS construction architects' student organization. Arkko organizes events, excursions and competitions to support construction architect students' studies, team spirit, career paths and contacts with other architecture student organizations.

Contact: (korvaa # -> @)

Kultti ry

Kultti is the field-specific student association for the students of music, dance and media, and it speaks for these students in Oulu UAS and in Student Union OSAKO. The activities of Kultti are organised by an annually elected board. It's easy to get involved in the activities of the board.

Kultti organises various events for its members throughout the year. Traditional events are checkpoint orienteering for new students, Christmas party and Grillikauden avajaiset in April.

Kultti has a room for students, located on the second floor. There you can find computers, games, magazines, microwave oven and a fridge, all of which the students can use. There is also coffee and tea for sale for a reasonable price.

You can join Kultti at the same time as you join OSAKO – the membership is free of charge. Being a part of Kultti is significant student activity, and all students are warmly welcome to join. The more the merrier!

Kultti's office is located on Kotkantie campus, on the second floor in the department of music and performing arts, near the student chamber. Office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11 am and 1 pm.

Student Association of School of Media and Performing Arts – KULTTI
Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)

Colour of the overalls: Bordeaux
Mascot: Sinikka

Luva ry

Luva is the field-specific student association for students of renewable natural resources, and it works in close co-operation with Student Union OSAKO. You can join Luv awhile joining OSAKO. It's free of charge, and it doesn't obligate you to anything.

Luva takes care of many everyday matters for students and makes sure their voice is heard in the degree programmes and in Oulu UAS. The Board of Luva is selected annually and it's easy to join! Luva organises events such as sauna nights and trips, but also participates in events organised by other sudents of agricultural industries. Follow us in Facebook and Instagram!

Luva's office is located in the F-section on Kotkantie campus. We offer coffee and good company!
Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)

instagram: @luvaryvirallinen

Colour of overalls: upper part yellow, lower part forest green


OSASTO is a student organization for social and health care students in Oulu UAS. We co-operate with Student Union OSAKO. OSASTO was founded in 2011. Our office is located in the main hall of Louhi building at Kontinkangas campus. Look for glass doors with posters and other info attached to it!

We aim to make your studies easier by helping with different problems you may encounter. Please do not hesitate to ask for help! We also sell event tickets, white overalls and coffee mugs. International touch would be more than welcome in our operation, so if you have some ideas how we could improve you or your friends stay, please let us know!

You are always welcome to visit us when we are open! Check our opening hours from our Facebook page OSASTOry.

Health and social care, Kontinkangas campus, Oulu UAS
Kiviharjuntie 4, 90220 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)
Instagram: osastory

Colour of overalls: Snow white

OTE ry

OTE, the field-specific student association of engineering students, is the largest student association in Oulu UAS by the number of members. You can join OTE when joining the Student Union OSAKO. Membership is free of charge and doesn't obligate you to do anything.

OTE has a store where you can buy study material, sweets, refreshments and of course OTE's overalls, among other things. In addition to this, OTE serves the engineering students by organising various events throughout the year. Members of OTE can take part in the events free of charge or get a discount on entry. OTE also promotes the interests of engineering students both in Oulu UAS and the Student Union OSAKO.

OTE’s office is located on the first floor of Kotkantie campus. Usually there are people in the office during daytime, so you can just walk in for a chat, and we might even make you a cup of coffee. You are always welcome to join our activities! OTE is also on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find photos and information about our events.

Oamkin tekniikan opiskelijat OTE ry
Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu
Office: +358 44 743 7733
Shop: +358 44 292 3785 (korvaa # -> @)

Colour of overalls: Yellow

Outo ry

Oulun Tradenomiopiskelijat Outo ry is a student association for BBA students at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. We are located at Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus at the basement floor. Outo ry’s activities include tutoring, career advising, coordinating student teams, organizing events for students, supervising of the interests of the students and running Café Carma. We provide student cards, sport passes, overalls and entrance tickets for various student events. Outo ry’s main goal is to improve the studying environment, collect development ideas and be a connecting link between students and teachers.

Outo ry is a local association of Tradenomiopiskelijaliitto TROL ry (BBA Student Union). We aim to improve BBA-students working life competence skills and to offer a pleasant student life.


Colour of overalls: Mint green

Oulun Insinööriopiskelijat OIO ry (in Finnish)

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