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Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences – OSAKO is a politically independent service and support organisation for all students of Oulu UAS. OSAKO has approximately 4 500 members, which makes it one of the biggest student unions of universities of applied sciences in Finland. If you have a valid student card, you are a member.

OSAKO’s most important task is to represent the students of Oulu UAS. OSAKO appoints student representatives to the administration of Oulu UAS, strives to develop the education and enhance students’ well-being. In addition, OSAKO fosters active and vibrant student life by organizing parties, trips, and other events.

Every year OSAKO members elect 25 student representatives. The highest decision-making power in OSAKO lies in the hands of these representatives. The everyday work of OSAKO is carried out by six members of the Executive Board and three employees, working in OSAKO’s office in Välkkylä.

OSAKO is a member of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK which promotes students’ interests on a national level. As a member of OSAKO, you can get a student card. By paying the annual membership fee you are entitled to a sticker which indicates that the card is valid.

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Student Union of Oulu UAS – OSAKO
Kajaanintie 32 D 61, 90130 Oulu (Välkkylä)
Office hours: Mon–Thu 10–16, Fri 10–15

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